Quartetto Magritte
Influences: Mediterranean , Latin American , Balkan
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4 times in the Global Top 40
January 2021 #18 - Global Top 40 La Brume (video)
January 2021 #22 - Global Top 40 Penguin (track)
September 2020 #23 - Global Top 40 Le Vacanze Di Hegel (track)
2 times in the Global Top 40
Ensemble born in 1993 on the inititive of the composer, pianist and accordionist Maurizio Minardi In 1997 the ensemble published the first album “Le vacanze di Hegel” : Tango, habanera, impressionistic and minimal sounds, jazz improvisation and baroque music.
In 1998 the magazine “Futura Music” produces Breton. The same year Quartetto Magritte wins Arezzo Wave Festival and one of the songs, “Cubi”, is edited by Polygram.
In 2002 participation to the radio show “DemoRai” (promoting independent music). The same year production of the CD “L’amantenuta”.
The Track L'amantenuta​​​​​​​​​​ in the remix version , choised from Paul Murphy and published from Afro Art Records with the title ‘Malanotte’
During 2005 Quartetto Magritte wins the Moneta d’Argento (second prize) to the jazz section of the second edition of Mantua Music Festival.
In 2008 the ensemble released 'Cofferatzinger'
Quartetto Magritte participated, among others, to the following festivals: Arezzo Wave, Bologna Festival, Festa Nazionale dell'Unita, Settembre Rendese, Montecchio Festival, Jesolo Festival, Villa Simonetta Festival, Mantua Festival.