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December 2023 #37 - Top 40 for Indian & South Asian Influence Bonomalee (track)
November 2023 #18 - Top 40 for Indian & South Asian Influence Din Duniyaar Maalik (track)
November 2023 #19 - Top 40 for Indian & South Asian Influence Kolonkini Radha (track)
Photo by: Oikyotaan
About: Oikyotaan live
Photo by: Oikyotaan
About: Oikyotaan live
Photo by: Oikyotaan
About: Oikyotaan Live
Oikyotaan, a contemporary folk platform founded by Biswasjit "Bonnie" Chakraborty, aims at performing, archiving, and spreading the infectious philosophy and melody of Indian folk traditions. The sound is rooted in the rhythm and melody of Indian folk music, with a special emphasis on Baul music from Bengal. Their foundation of sound is created using an equal set of unique components from Indian Folk-Classical and other forms of contemporary music. The magic of pulsating rhythms weaves themselves together with soul-stirring melodies and spins a web of lyrical arrangements.

Oikyotaan aims at slipping through all the doors, being promiscuous with their music, and simply spreading the magical philosophy of the Bauls.

Centered around Baul music from Eastern India, the sound concentrates on building lyrical phrases within a layered rhythm of contemporary, folk, and classical instruments. Elements of different folk forms like Baul from Bengal, Mand from Rajasthan; Chaita and Neergun from Bihar; Carnatic Classical from South India are infused together to give birth to a new genre of Global Indian Contemporary Sound and Space, which is lyrically very rich in spiritual and esoteric content!

Oikyotaan is based out of Mumbai, India. The contemporary folk platform/band comprises musicians from South, East, and North India. Kartick Das Baul, a popular Baul singer from Gushkara, West Bengal, is an integral part of Oikyotaan!

Oikyotaan is a 6-member band, but we are open to collaborating with international musicians for concerts based outside India.

The minimum number of members for shows is a 5-piece setup.

Contact info:

Bonnie Chakraborty

H-2003, Ravi Estate, Pokhran Road No. 1, off Devadaya Nagar, Thane West, Thane - 400606, Mumbai, India

Phone: +919920227532, +9122 25855337, Email: biswasjit@gmail.com, Website: www.oikyotaan.com

(Baul - A particular form of Indian spirituality and tradition, which is an outcome of Vaishnava histrionics, as in fact the proponents of this genre of music are called Darbesh, Fakir, and Baul in East India. Bauls believe in the fact that the worshipper and the shrine reside within our body and one needs to invoke the God from within... dive deep within to soar beyond. Baul music has many genres like Dehatattwa, Biched, Bhatiyali, Jhumur, Fakiri, Manjhbhandari, and Jaree-Sharee Gaan.)

Baul originates from Bengal and the tradition is more than 1000 years old! Bauls would be similar to bards or minstrels or the Gypsies of the Black Sea. They are prominent in West Bengal and Bangladesh. Originally they were true renouncers, but today they are householders; they restructure, reinterpret their doctrines and philosophy with the changing times.
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