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Holly Blazina
Transcendencia Transcendencia, the debut album from expert Flamenco guitarist, Holly Blazina, is a testament to modern influences combined with care and respect for the tradition. To maintain authenticity, Holly prepared for this album by immersing herself in the Flamenco culture and workshopping her original compositions with master Señor Paco Fernandez in Seville, Spain. The compositions and arrang... more
On Friendship and Composing One of my good friends maintains that a musician’s relationship to their art is very much like any other relationship; it takes time, care and attention, it has its own dynamic and needs nourishment. I agree! Like any other encounter with a friend or lover, every time I write a piece the experience is different. Sometimes two friends spontaneously meet and have a 20-minute conversation ... more
Guitarist Holly Blazina creates an immersive world of beauty and sound that draws in music lovers and Flamenco aficionados alike. The notes emanating from her i nstrument disarm unsuspecting listeners as they are ushered into an ethereal experience that is exotic, evocative, buoyant and deeply nourishing. As her music saturates a room, an event becomes an occasion and a live concert blossom... more
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