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Holly Blazina
About "S.O.S. (Tango-Rumba)"
Cele Garrido-Santos first introduced SOS to me a few years ago when we were preparing for a small performance together. We did it again for the Cigány & Gitana project with Andrea Petrity, which was when I decided I wanted to record this beautiful song with that ensemble. Its honour of the jazz musicians on that track, it’s the only tune on the album that has a chart written for it.

Guitarist Holly Blazina creates an immersive world of beauty and sound that draws in music lovers and Flamenco aficionados alike. The notes emanating from her instrument disarm unsuspecting listeners as they are ushered into an ethereal experience that is exotic, evocative, buoyant and deeply nourishing.As her music saturates a room, an event becomes an occasion and a live concert blossoms into... more
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