Go Van Gogh
United States
Influences: Jewish , Balkan , Caribbean
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The San Francisco Chronicle says"Listening to Go Van Gogh is like traveling the world in your ears, as the band plays an eclectic mix of genres. Their music is like a gateway drug: Once you're hooked on Go Van Gogh, you might dig deeper to search out their musical influences. Go Van Gogh excels at bringing the party wherever they perform"

Go Van Gogh plays hot, fast, and loose with an ocean liners worth of musical flavors. Led by sax virtuoso Connie Walkershaw, and bass playing showman Jesse Walkershaw, Go Van Gogh takes classic Americana, mixes it with Ethiopian melodies, Afro Cuban rhythms, Bakersfield twang, Balkan brass, and whatever falls to handBased out of San Francisco, this bay area bands primary focus is on live performance. The heady feedback loop of player-group-listener/dancer is what fuels the collective Go Van Gogh soul. The Walkershaws keep it fresh, with an evolving river of original compositions, to keep the crowd dancing, and the players reaching forward.With a history spanning decades, Go Van Gogh's recorded output shows a breadth and depth of musical ideas and instrumentation. The current iteration of the band includes master steel guitarist and historian Brad Bechtel (Outer Circle, Invertebrates), guitar wizard and matinee idol Jesse Jackson (Jesse & Paula, Condorosa, Conspiracy of Beards), the irascable Rick Brown of wide renown on Trombone, and the high-powered percussion duo of Dane Pryce on congas and live antics, along with Joseph Chavez on bongos, small percussion and sartorial excellence

Go Van Gogh