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Fanfara Transilvania
Influences: Balkan , Gypsy , East European
Genres: romania, gipsy, world, balkan, traditional, folk, jazz, gypsy, romania brass transilvania, ethnic influence
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FANFARA TRANSILVANIA is fantastik and more appreciated Balkan Gipsy Brass from Romania.Transilvania is historical region of "Dracula".Somewhere end the foothills of Dealul Cetatii (Stronghold Hill),located in the Carpathian Mountains ,there is a town called Cugir.Next to an old arms factory,close to the Dacian Fortress as Sigidava.There is the point on the map where the gipsy brass band FANFARA TRANSILVANIA spung into life sometime in 2008.

The group is made up of 10 musicians,members include brothers and cousins,godparents an godfathers who transmit their passion for tradition an community values from father to son preserving their rich musical haritage.These traditions have been kept alive for centuries and FANFARA TRANSILVANIA play something pelicular for this old province brass music combining,the traditions of ancient gipsy music ,executed at breathtaking speed (up to 200 beats per minute)with those of the Balkans,producing wonderful rhithmical tunes.These ten people who make up FANFARA TRANSILVANIA are well accustomed with varios musical styles and although most of them are barely able to read music,they can play any tune after hearing it only once.They articulate the multi facetted rhythms and harmonies of Romanian traditional dances with an impressive delivery that borders on perfection.

FANFARA TRANSILVANIA honors the tradition of their music gets you off your set.The band can described as total entertainement through ,their intruments the musicians enliven their public-their sound sets forth a unique energy flowing throughout the entire body!!!

Active in the Balkan Music scene ,FANFARA TRANSILVANIA performs at a variety of events be it ,weddings,funerals,parties,festivals,concert,carnivals or community events.Music is their way of life and there is a lot of travelling involved as the band provides its services in both Romania and abroad.Over last 5 years ,they have given more than 300 concerts,with shows alredy played in.Greece,Spain,France,Poland,Germany,Czeh Republic,Hungary,Slovakia,Italy ,Lithuania and Romania.

FANFARA TRANSILVANIA are ready to present their unique take on the Balkan Gipsy Brass sound over Europe and the rest of the world.Be prepared for some real Balkan Brass entertainment with pure Romanian traditional gipsy performance.Therefore,they are professional musicians but still to manage to maintain their ethnicity unchand "baseline"and their music.

Repertoire that includes"Folklore Romanian" across the coutry and interpretations gipsy music 100% ,balkan,folk,jazz,ethno and world music,to create a unique fusion of styles from the region and the world.They use elements borrowed from club reggae,jazz and what souds Balkan funk to get people up an dancing.FANFARA TRANSILVANIA(also known as Galan Brass Band)is made up of fine musicians ,filling the soul of their public happines.Having a long musical tradition-Saxon based both Transilvania and Moldova.

They've become a hot attraction on the European festival and world music circuit.

Fanfara Transilvania Contact&Booking/Galan Nicolae

Telefon :+40754668964