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- We are the Ensemble of traditional dances and songs "Mijat Mašković," which is part of the Cultural Centre in the small town of Kolašin, located in the north of Montenegro.
- We are one of the last groups in Montenegro that perform authentic archaic dances only with the accompaniment of song or the rhythm of steps. Therefore, we do not need an orchestra, except in some dances where we use only "svirala" − an archaic type of flute, or a mouth organ.
- We are under the protection of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, and we are bearers of the Intangible Cultural Heritage "Traditional dances of the Kolašin area" (14 old dances).
- We perform the old forms of archaic two-part singing (heterophony, with an interval of a second), and among them, the archaic lament for the dead in the field of funeral customs.
- We have original gold-embroidered national costumes.
- In our ensemble, we have members of different age groups, and among us performs, although in elder years, one of the last keepers of the tradition of Montenegrin singing.
- In 2015, we founded the Ethno-camp (1-7th August every year) - an International intangible heritage research laboratory with a focus on traditional dances and songs. Professors and students from all over the world come to the camp to share knowledge and hold workshops.
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