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SkaZka Orchstra
SkaZka Orchstra
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EASTBLOK MUSIC is solely devoted to music and artists from Eastern Europe. Apart from the release of music, EASTBLOK MUSIC offers expertise in organizing concerts, procuring Eastern European artists for performances, as well as contacting labels, artists’ managements, and media in Eastern Europe. Both label founders, Alexander Kasparov and Armin Siebert, have many years of experience in the Eastern European as well as the Western European music businesses.

Alexander Kasparov originates from Moscow and has also worked for many years in Warsaw, London, and Berlin. On choosing Berlin as the label’s base, Kasparov says: "For Eastern Europeans, Berlin is the place of choice when they come to Western Europe. And now we have here a vivid scene of various Eastern European cultures. Berlin is about to become the central capital of Europe. A true melting pot of East and West."

As their first output, EASTBLOK MUSIC released in 2005 the Russian male choir PERESVET - the official choir of Alexij II, Patriarch of the Russian-Orthodox Church. The next release was a compilation of the best Ukrainian rock and pop bands: UKRAINA - SONGS OF THE ORANGE REVOLUTION.

Next on was the smash hit BALKANBEATS, a compilation of highly addictive underground Balkan hits. Traditional and urban sounds - diverse, explosive, and just over the top. BBC’s Charlie Gillett voted BALKANBEATS as one of his top 5 compilations of that year.

Eastblok Music followed this with the eclectic mix of 'CAFÉ SPUTNIK – electronic exotica from Russia'. Exotic, playful, and full of fantasy and imagination - electronica, lounge, and easy listening from Russia. Nostalgic and futuristic, surreal and ironic. The mysterious East and modern Europe meet.

The first Eastblok release of 2006 was the high-energy album 'Ukraine Calling' by the Ukrainian band Haydamaky. This record immediately climbed to No. 7 in the European World Music Charts and has been rocking alternative and Eastern European dance floors since.

In the meantime, Eastblok Music has signed some of the best bands from Eastern Europe: Leningrad and La Minor from Russia, Little Cow from Hungary, or Italy's finest Balkan band Figli di Madre Ignota. New groundbreaking compilations Polska Rootz and Balkan Grooves have turned out to be genre-defining releases. Lately, Eastblok has released LUNAPARK, the first compilation of alternative rock and pop songs from Russia to be released in the West.

Watch out for Eastblok Music – your first address for exciting music from Eastern Europe!
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