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South Africa
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December 2023 #38 - Top 40 for African Influence LONELY NIGHT (track)
August 2021 #30 - Top 40 for African Influence Luttan King Ft Lillian & Vanessa - No Reggae No Dance (track)
Photo by: Luttan King Music
Photo by: Luttan King Music
Photo by: Luttan King Music
About: Living Reggae Legend [African]
Photo by: Luttan King Music
About: Luttan King ft Coco Berry & Slagga B COVER
Photo by: Luttan King Music
Photo by: Luttan King Music
Lutan King is a Reggae & Dancehall artist born and raised in Zimbabwe in the sunshine capital city, Harare. The artist is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, pushing his music in a country where Reggae & Dancehall music is currently starting to be known. His nickname "HITMAKER" came after topping good songs on many Caribbean riddims. He has songs like "Lonely Night" on Legends of Soul riddim, "Love Shop" on Cardiac Strings riddim, and "Hold On" on Game Changer riddim. On 29th October 2015, the artist and his band dropped a DVD [Reggae Chapters Volume 01].

The artist is following in the footsteps of Lucky Dube with his prolific style of composing, writing, and voicing. In the whole industry, locally and internationally, we fail to match who can be his mentor. His singles are still topping the charts locally and internationally. He is the first Zimbabwean to hit the international platform as far as reggae is concerned. His music is inspired by all his surroundings [friends, family, street life]. Many mention him as the best of his kind as far as his HOOKS and verses are concerned.

The artist has dropped bomb after bomb of good songs. His second album, to be released next year, is titled "I Shall Sing," and the album will have 16 reggae tracks with an African touch. In the past months of 2018, he dropped "Come Back" [video to be aired on Trace Africa this November 2018], "Singer Man" [a touching song with simplicity in art plus creativity], and he dropped a video making waves in the streets, "Cheating with You," featuring African beauties. His mission for 2018 is more videos for people to know who he is and a lot of branding to his craft.

The album to be dropped in October 2019 [date to be announced], and many are waiting for this album. He describes it as an album with many words and a lot of untold stories.
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