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April 2022 #40 - Top 40 for Caribbean Influence Vwazin (track)
December 2020 #32 - Top 40 for Caribbean Influence Vwazin (track)
December 2020 #31 - Top 40 for Caribbean Influence Too Late (track)
Dominique Bérose, a fusion jazz pianist from Guadeloupe, played in the Fabiano Orchestra at the end of the '70s, then moved to Paris, playing in clubs and accompanying many stars of the French scene including David Koven and Bernard Lavilliers. Very eclectic, but often called upon because of his professionalism, we find him alongside Babik Reinhardt as well as Papa Wemba and Michel Fugain. With the '90s, he made a return to Caribbean music, took part in Volt-Face, played with Beethova Obas, accompanied Edith Lefel at the Olympia without forgetting jazz. He recorded with David Dahan "Jack the Jazzman" for the Dreyfus label. On the African side, he plays with Africando, Manu Dibango, Monique Séka... In 2012, he produced the album "Parcours" with his wife Sonia Pinel-Féréol, which retraces their musical itinerary with many guests. At the end of 2013, Dominique, patron of the IloJazz festival in Guadeloupe, played, accompanied by guitarist Lionel Louéké and Luther François, in support of Marcus Miller, who invited him to share the stage with him. After a stay in Paris from 2014 to 2017, Dominique Bérose moved back to Martinique to pursue his career.
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