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Damian Nisenson
Influences: Jewish , Latin American , West European
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October 2022 #16 - Top 40 for Latin American Influence leccion de vida #11 (video)
October 2022 #30 - Top 40 for Jewish Influence supper's ready (video)
October 2022 #12 - Top 40 for Jewish Influence Supper's Ready (track)
2 times in the Global Top 40
Damian Nisenson - leccion de vida #11
noZen is a jazz quartet based in Montreal, Qc.

Their original music, both instrumental and vocal, is at the crossroads of contemporary jazz, the melodic traditions of Jewish Eastern Europe and the rythmic influence of argentinian music, and this meeting of contrasting styles gives birth to a music at once spontaneous and deep.

Tanguay, Falaise and Mailloux, three of the most active musicians on the jazz and musique actuelle scene in Quebec, joined the composer, multi-saxophonist and singer from Argentina Damian Nisenson, and together they offer us Nisenson's compositions, an invitation to travel between two worlds: the melodies inspired by a vanished past, dressed up in a very contemporary outfit.