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February 2021 #3 - Top 40 for North American Influence White Jesus (track)
February 2021 #40 - Top 40 for West European Influence Jump Ararnd (track)
Dr Dave Amos (local historian - Lawrence County) interviews Skiffle Show INTERVIEW - DH Lawrence Vaudeville Skiffle Show tell all …. To Dr Dave Amos! Local historian and mining chronicler, Dr Dave Amos, asked the band about their music and connection to local history and folk-lore.   Tell us about yourselves and what you do? “Well we consider ourselves more of an event than a band! ...
About: Skiffle Show at the Rescue Rooms Nottingham (UK)
About: Escape This Wicked Life
About: Dixies Arms Bagthorpe
About: Oi .. Folks Lets Party
About: Lawrence County (2)
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Hillbilly Outlaw Folk, Americana, and Skiffle from the green hills and valleys of 'Lawrence country'. Some say these folks have spent too long in the woods drinking moonshine! Mean and moody, they can break your heart (Bluebird, When I Fly) or skiffle you into submission with their octane-fueled drinking songs (White Jesus). It's a kind of "UpNorthicana"... Psycho-skiffle through to lo-fi Country/Folk sung by folks from the woods.

'Escape this Wicked Life,' the debut CD, was described with these immortal words by Captain Pigheart (Nottingham's only inland pirate): "An excellent album (Escape This Wicked Life) - you would have to be an idiot or dead not to buy it... and if you're dead, it should have been a requirement of your will."

The new CD 'Sons & Lovers' was released in December 2015.

Lucas Jackson (Country Retreat Radio) said, "It's as British as the Kinks, but with that 60's Townes Van Zandt feel."

Paul Kerr (Americana UK) said, "There's harmonica, accordion, banjo, fiddle & guitars... and songs that could have been penned by the Pogues or Ewan MacColl....
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