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DH Lawrence & The Vaudeville Skiffle Show
Dr Dave Amos (local historian - Lawrence County) interviews Skiffle Show INTERVIEW - DH Lawrence Vaudeville Skiffle Show tell all …. To Dr Dave Amos! Local historian and mining chronicler, Dr Dave Amos, asked the band about their music and connection to local history and folk-lore.   Tell us about yourselves and what you do? “Well we consider ourselves more of an event than a band! We are made up from a raggle-taggle collective of ... more
Hillbilly Outlaw Folk, Americana and Skiffle from the green hills and valleys of 'Lawrence country'. Some say the these folks have spent too long in the woods dr inking moonshine! Mean and moody, they can break your heart (Bluebird, When I Fly) or skiffle you to submission with their octane fuelled drinking songs (White Jesus) . . . . it's a kind of "UpNoirthicana" . . . . Psycho-skiiffle thro... more
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