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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Carlton Rara
Influences: North American , Caribbean , African
Genres: blues, reggae, funk, soul, voodoo, groove, roots, r and b, jazz
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Joséphine "Do You Love Me" from my EP "Home" is the soundtrack of feature film "Joséphine" by Agnès Obadia with Marilou Berry (June, 19 2013). Watch the new music video! more
Pedro Almodovar’s stress-lifting playlist... Pedro Almodovar’s stress-lifting playlist before “Los Amantes Pasajeros” takes off! A few short days before Pedro Almodovar starts shooting his new film, our favorite Spaniard shared some of the music that inspires him. Check out the tracklist – but why stop there? Press play and listen to the whole shebang! Shooting for “Los Amantes Pasajeros” – Almodovar’s first comedy in some time – is scheduled to commence on June 4th in Madrid, with a cast featuring some of his favorite collaborators over the years. Javier Cámara, Cecilia Roth, Lola Dueñas and Blanca Suárez are some of the passengers on board Almodovar’s next film, which takes place on a plane flying over the Gulf of Mexico. When a mechanical damage brings them face to face with imminent death, everyone’s bizarre secrets come flying out. What else are you gonna do to take your mind off the fact that you’re about to meet your maker? Just like every other Almodovar film, music is bound to be more than just a sonic backdrop. In fact, judging by this mix, it it’ll be an active ingredient in the Almodovarian universe! Which is why Pedro recently posted his favorite 2012 albums on El Deseo’s facebook page, stuff he’s listened to over and over again while working on “Los Amantes Pasajeros”, accompanied by an explanatory note: “This is a list of the 15 albums that accompaned me thoughout the rehearsals and the endless screenplay rewrites. It’s what I listen to when I flip through magazines, picking out clothes for my characters, reupholstering furniture and going through countless interior design publications in pursuit of inpiration. It’s what keeps me from going over the edge when I have to correct a scene for the thousandth time, extend dialogues for Javier Cámara, Raúl Arévalo and Carlos Areces only to edit all over again, otherwise the film is going to go on forever! And we don’t want that to happen, do we? You could say it’s my top 15 of 2012, although the Metronomy and Django Django albums – real gems! – were released last year and the Mickey Newbury album is a re-release. I suppose all of them will leave a trace on “Los Amantes Pasajeros”, alternating with Esquivel’s vibrant lounge, Quincy Jones’ “Big Band Bossa Nova”, the constant caress of Brazilian-born Luiz Bonfá and a mixture of psychedelic cumbia I found on “Cumbia Beat” and “The Roots of Chicha”. It’s basically music that makes your life easier in times of absolute frustration!” This is Pedro’s top 15 albums of 2012 and a mixtape we’ve put together especially for Flix readers, featuring one track from each album, just to get you in the mood for Almodovar’s imminent liftoff. Enjoy!     Carlton Rara – «Home»     Django Django – «Django Django»     Francis Bebey – «African Electronic Music 1975-1982»     Lambchomp – «Mr. M.»     M. Ward – «A Wasteland Companion»     Metronomy – «The English Riviera»     Mickey Newbury – «An American Trilogy» («Looks Like Rain», «Frisco Mabel Joy» , «Heaven Help the Child»)     Otis Taylor – «Otis Taylor’s Contraband»     Rufus Wainwright – «Out Of The Game»     Santigold – «Master of My Make-Believe»     Soko – «I Thought I Was an Alien»     The Ting Tings – «Sounds from Nowheresville»     Tindersticks – «The Something Rain»     Varios artistas – «Daptone 7 Inch Singles Collection Volume 1»     Varios artistas – «Daptone 7 Inch Singles Collection Volume 2» Photo by Jerod Harris. Source more
Inrockuptibles My EP "Home" is in the TOP 20 Best Blues, Jazz and World Music Albums of 2012, Les Inrockuptibles (France #1 music magazine) No.890-891/December 19, 2012. more
Photo by: Carlton Rara
About: Carlton Rara
Photo by: Carlton Rara
About: Carlton Rara
Photo by: Carlton Rara
About: Home
Photo by: Carlton Rara
About: Peyi Blue
Photo by: Carlton Rara
About: In the mood for Blues, Funky Roots and Grooves
Singer and actor Carlton Rara, also known as CARL'O. was born in France in 1975 to a Haitian mother and a French father.

He grew up attending artists of all kind : jazzmen Dizzy Gillespie and Art Blakey, choregrapher Carolyn Carlson, musicians Salif Keita and Zakir Hussain, director Peter Brook and many more who made him someone curious about the world.

He first started as a self taught solo performer, singing and playing percussions, then he progressively brought out all his influences ranging from blues, reggae, voodoo, soul and pop music to eventually create a new style of his own.

Michael Jackson, Al Jarreau, Bill Withers, bluesman Taj Mahal, The Police, Ryuichi Sakamoto, rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, André Benjamin, are some of the various performers that most inspired him.

His second album HOME ranges in the best world/jazz albums of year 2012 according to french magazine Les Inrocks.

In 2013, his song Do You Love Me is part of the soundtrack of feature film Joséphine starring Marilou Berry.

Famous film maker Pedro Almodovar mentioned Carlton's music as one of the most inspiring tunes he was listening to while making the film I'm so Excited.

Carlton also performs as an actor in drama plays and a voice actor for films, documentaries and audio books.

As a film buff, he founded and managed the Arts des Suds Film Festival with Fatima Benjou from 2008 to 2013 in Mont de Marsan (France). He still invites film makers and actors to present their films in movie theaters.