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Daniel Bellegarde
Influences: Caribbean , North American , Latin American
Genres: traditional caribbean
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The percussionnist, arranger and composer Daniel Bellegarde Global Music Awards winner and nominated at the Canadian Folk Music Awards presents his first album ANBA TONÈL . Daniel Bellegarde is a recognized as a Creole Montreal artist. His art is tinged with Brazilian,African,Haitian and West indies sounds. The self-taught artist uses music to pay tribute to rural 19th century dances and music from the West Indies. Working as a freelance percussionnist since 1983 Daniel has worked with a multitude of artist such as Paulo Ramos , Émeline Michel,Robert Charlebois,Zachary Richard, Marcos Valle,Lokua Kanza , Cirque du Soleil and many more. His rich and diversified career led him to the production of his first solo album ANBA TONÈL (under arbor), fruit of a research and creation work on the European influence in Caribbean music. Anba Tonèl is a journey back in time , presenting a catalog of sounds that are the basis of many musical trends of the 'world music of the 20th century.