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About "Mam Masama Remix"
He is a Baye Fall elder, is over 130 yrs old and lives in Ndiguel, a small and remote but very special village in northern Senegal. The entire village whose population is made up of Baye Falls is dedicated to him as he is their guide. He teaches everyone to love everybody as they love themselves. The village is a true example of real community living: for example, each family takes turns preparing the daily meal for the whole village, and everyone sits together to eat communally.
Il est des plus vieux Baye Fall, a plus de 130 ans et il habite à Ndiguel, un petit village spécial et lointain situé au nord du Sénégal. Tout le village est entièrement dévoué à lui car il est leur guide. Tout le monde apprend a aimer les gens comme ils s'aiment eux même. Le village nous montre la vraie vie en communauté: par exemple, chaque famille prend son tour a préparer le repas du jour pour tout le village, et ils s'asseoient tous ensemble pour manger.

Batch Gueye is a West African Griot, bringing his traditional music and dance from Senegal to the UK. With a long line of performing artists behind him, music and dancing was always an integral part of life and has surrounded him since birth.Singing prayers as a BayeFall Muslim is where Batch found his voice. Batch sings his songs in the Senegalese language Wolof, however language does not obstruct his music and the passion Batch has for all he sings can be heard and understood by all. Like his music, his dance style is a collection of both traditional and modern African cultures, and his combination of strong and fast movement promises to be a striking display. Batches sincerity as a singer is equal to the energy he brings as a dancer, a man of many talents - You can trust that Batch will never fail to amaze!

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Dance so you are happy Be happy so you dance Sing so you are happy Be happy so you sing When you are happy anything is possible.