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December 12/15/21, 2021
Todd Omohundro\'s Album, The Future is Calling, is a Masterpiece Jazz-rock artist, Todd Omohundro, recently released his 10 song album 'The Future is Calling.' Each song is as fun and moving as the next. The way the album is built is beyond the average album. It's masterful songwriting and orchestral style is what separates Todd's work from other artists. His big orchestrations and his catchy jazzy tunes make you just want to get up and dance along

The album sounds like the band Chicago meets Jimmy Hendrix meets the music of Broadway, like Hairspray or Chicago. The title song, "The Future is Calling" is a message about global warming. "'The Future Is Calling' will mean many things to many different people but the gist of the the message is that a BETTER FUTURE is calling if we improve things NOW," says Todd.

Listen to 'The Future is Calling' here:

Todd Omohundro has sung with Pink, Chicago, Broadway Stars, The Philadelphia Orchestra, The Philly Pops, taught music to thousands of kids as a Pennsylvania Public School Music Teacher (directed 8 Broadway Jr. school musicals) and the musical journey continues! Todd was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and grew up in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Todd has known music since he was a kid and fell in love with it at a young age. His love for the theatre influences his music above anything else.