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Influence: African
Genre: mbira
Last year, in my article  A view on innovation and preservation  I have written about the tension between musical innovation and preservation of music. Today, I want to take up that topic again, but from a slightly more abstract and philosophical angle of view. These considerations might be applied to Mbira music, but also to other musical traditions elsewhere. In my article  G... more
Pasichigare: Chipindura Mbira Trio Pasichigare: Mystic Mbira Music of Zimbabwe  is a new double CD offering from world renowned musician Chartwell Dutiro in a collaboration with renowned mbira maker and player Sebastian Pott and Elmar Pohl as the  Chipindura Mbira Trio . The album  is particularly special to Chartwell as it was recorded using the tuning that Chartwell grew up playing at ritual ceremonies i... more
Five Funny Things People Say About Mbira Well folks, we are back from a great weekend at the Zimbabwe in Devon Mbira Camp. We  had a great laugh about the things that people who are not familiar to mbira say about the music and instrument. These ranged from the funny to the downright annoying!  We’ve complied a top five list from some of the things that people shared with us. Here we go… 1. Is It Made Out of... more
  The UK is rich with mbira players. Just as an introduction we have compiled a short list of videos to introduce you to some of these great names. Chartwell Dutiro Chartwell teaches Mbira, dance, percussion and singing in community and school settings nationally and internationally. He is the founder of the long running mbira gatherings, which occur throughout the year such as Zimbabw... more
Zvembira is an active blog about Zimbabwean mbira that provides a platform for mbira players, makers and enthusiasts to share information on mbira, lessons and any other issue of interest. more
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