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The Hariring
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About: Kendang & Bass

The Hariring is a project that plays a collaboration between modern and traditional music and is influenced by any kind of music: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Fusion, Dance, Soul, and Sundanese music. Sometimes you'll hear traditional musical instruments such as the angklung, peking, kendang, and goong mixed with modern instruments.


The Hariring, founded in Bandung in 2010, has a concept that all instruments could be played and jammed in one group. This concept was established in 2005 and had observations for knowing, understanding, and using all of the instruments, including modern and traditional instruments (in Sundanese called waditra). After observing and collecting information on all the instruments, then we understood how to use them, play them with another instrument. We can see people play a solo instrument and it sounds good, but how to play along with other instruments without bothering the other players, the audience, and recording? We already have the answer: the answer is understanding the others, the players, the instruments. The main thing is "ignore the rules, hear others." So in Hariring, all musicians can jam along with us at any time.

In 2012, The Hariring released their first album titled "Fall in West," which means "falling in love in Western Java." That's why most of the instruments were from West Java.

The album is a limited edition and sold out, but don't worry, you can download the album for free just by visiting http://www.4shared.com/rar/cYSQ8A0b/Ringga_Hardika_-_Hariring.html. So what are you waiting for? Join us, invite us to your event, and feel the only sensation in your life.


1. Ringga Hardika (visit page)

Electric bass, fretless electric bass, piano, keyboard, synthesizer, angklung, suling, gamelan sampling, percussive sampling, and live programming.

2. Ares Rudhiansyah

Kendang, Suling, ethnic percussions.

3. Resya "Eca" Firmansyah

Kolintang awi, kacapi, angklung, bass, bonang, saron.

4. Asep Everbeat

Cajon, Karinding, Percussions

*Additional Players

Toni Besot: Kendang

Awenk: Djembe, Tarompet Penca, Percussions

Fregian: Lyrics

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