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July 2023 #37 - Top 40 for East European Influence Leleka (track)
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June 2023 #20 - Top 40 for East European Influence Leleka (track)
1 time in the Global Top 40
The TaRuta band from Kyiv is a respected member of the World Music scene.

Having an amazing and original sound, the band, in its eight years of existence, has already twice been a winner of the Chervona Ruta national music festival in Ukraine. The band also brilliantly showcased itself at different music festivals in Ukraine and Europe: "Tallinn Music Week," "EuroRadio Folk Festival," "Koktebel Jazz Festival," "Land of Dreams" (Krayina Mriy), "Kauno Hanza Dienos," "Skamba skamba kankliai," "Z wiejskiego podwórza," "Mėnuo Juodaragis," "Trypilske Kolo," "Woodstock UA," "Vilnius City Fiesta," "EuroBasket-2011," "Slavske Rock," "Gogol-FEST," and others.

The heart of the TaRuta band consists of folklore researchers Ievgen and Olena Romanenko. The band also contains a great team of professional musicians: Taras Kozak (drums, percussion, xylophone), Oleksandr Atamas (bass guitar), Rostislav Mamadloikov (guitar), and Yaryna Tovkailo (folk wind instruments).

The TaRuta band first loudly declared itself at the international music festival "Land of Dreams" in 2008 in Kyiv. In 2010, the band's debut studio album "Born in Love" and the first music video for the song "Stork" emerged.

The most fascinating part of the album is represented by solo piano improvisations by pianist Roman Kolyada and electronic sound produced by DJ Igor Liodin. This period is also notable for the emergence of the second music video created by legendary director Taras Khymych in the picturesque Carpathians – "Borom-borom."

In late 2013, along with the beginning of the revolution on Maidan, the band took an active social position and did everything possible to support the people with words and actions. As a result of everything experienced and seen, in spring 2014, TaRuta recorded and published a new EP called "Celestial Hundred." It contains a composition with the same name with lyrics by a young Kyiv poet Zoriana Palamarchuk. The EP also contains a song by one of the last Ukrainian rebels, Gryts Gerchak – "My Highlands, My Summits," and two Ukrainian folk songs – "People, Unite!" and "Chumatska." The band made a music video for the song "Chumatska" in the picturesque castle Radomyshl.
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