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TANGOWERK by NHOAH - Berlin electronic music meets Buenos Aires tango.

How everything began:

In 2005, NHOAH found himself in Buenos Aires – the city at the Rio de la Plata - in search of new musical paths. He enjoys international renown as a producer and composer of electronic music. Coming from Berlin’s club scene, he immersed himself in the spirit of harmony of Buenos Aires tango. He uncovers the most diverse parallels between both cities while dancing through the androgynous worlds of long party nights. He sought out and found inspiring co-musicians from all over the world and outlined the main features of an unusual project: the fusion of electronic dance music with tango. TANGOWERK by NHOAH was created.

And then:

The first album TANGOWERK by NHOAH received rave reviews both at home and abroad. A nomination for the Deutscher Schallplattenpreis and a recommendation for an ECHO as “2012’s Newcomer of the Year” constituted yet another fabulous reward. What followed were live performances on television, including “Arte Lounge,” and first public shows.

And today:

Depending on the venue, four to eight musicians and dancers perform onstage together with featured singers (such as Lulu Schmidt or Ina Viola). These impressive live shows are characterized by cutting-edge video animations, eccentric costumes, club sounds, and the sounds of a gramophone. The live act TANGOWERK by NHOAH plays at small clubs and on large open-air stages. Everything is possible.
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