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December 2023 #17 - Top 40 for Indian & South Asian Influence Let Love In (track)
October 2023 #23 - Top 40 for Indian & South Asian Influence La Cle Feat. Kateryna Rokova (track)
October 2023 #15 - Top 40 for Indian & South Asian Influence Avatar (track)
1 time in the Global Top 40
Supersoul Connection was established in March 2007 with the aim to spread a multicultural message of understanding, love, tolerance, and peace, presented from a spiritual point of view. Their music is a mixture of electronica, hip-hop, dub, breakbeat, trance, drum 'n' bass, and eastern ethno. RMD (producer, composer, and musician) and Dhyan (MC, lyricist, and composer) take the subject matters and the music they are passing on to their audience in a broader perspective. They are often bold and straightforward in their presentation. Band members receive very inspiring feedback from their audience. They have published eight official video clips which are aired on MTV and national music channels. Their songs are played frequently on national and commercial radio stations. Their video "No to Violence" was screened at HDfest in New York, Sony Theatres, and was also featured on the Oprah website. They have received highly favorable opinions from various bands around the world.
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