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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: Latin American , Caribbean , East European
Genres: cumbia, reggae, bass, dance, techno, house, ambient, dub, electronic, chill out, pop, deep house, tropical, global bass, tropical bass, fusion
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a constellation formed by artists Al Lindrum & David Miret, who bounced into the scene with their debut Ep “Ya Sta Qi” on UrbanWorld Records.

The Superpendejos universe is full of colors, sonic landscapes, deep emotion, love, and awareness activism… it’s a way of life.

When asked about their attitude to music they responded

"Once you realize we all are Superpendejos life is so much easier".

The recipe is bouncing beats, tropical flavour, spice up with bass for maximum dance pleasure, stir gently with love, add the secret ingredients, and you have it!


Warning: Overexposure to Superpendejos may cause repeated severe great feelin’ episodes