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DJ/Remixer & Producer. Born in: Rabat, Morocco. Stephan ArabisQ was interested in DJing starting at the age of 19 when he began experimenting with remixing at home. At first, he played at parties for his friends and family. After finishing his studies, he took his real start in DJing like a pro. He played all kinds of music: Electronic, Electro, Trance, House Music, Deep House, Dirty Dutch, and now he plays only 'TRANCE' like Armin Van Buuren, ATB, ...! That's why in 2012, he put music on networks like SoundCloud, Mixcloud, YouTube. His music was played from all over the world, and he received many contracts from countries to play live, such as Poland, Jamaica, Brazil, Egypt, France... in DJ remixer mode.

In DJ Producer mode, he was supported by many other DJs from his country, Morocco, and he had many remixes, original tracks, and mixes. He has a different style of music, mixing House minimal with Arabic traditional music like Nass El Ghiwan, Rouicha, Hamid El Kasri, just famous artists from Morocco... and other styles from the Middle East, like Oum Kalthoum, Abdel Halim Hafez... His dream is like the dream of all DJs: to be famous, to play at Tomorrowland, and he believes in his dream. He is still working on it to make it come true.
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