Sombrero Peligroso
Influences: Latin American , Balkan
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Sombrero Peligroso Selection

Is a project born in Italy, near Turin, 6 years ago under the name of Malamente Sounds.

The sound come from the passion of the old school Rap, Funk, Blues and Jazz Swing, but one day arrives to the Balkan and to the Gypsy.

Now UppergangasoundZ select a bit of everything, from Trip Hop to Jungle, by Funky Breaks to Electro Swing, all mixed with cumbia, old italian folk songs and balkan beats.

The project travelled the world, from New Delhi to Rome, from Sri Lanka to Nepal to show a different way on the dancefloor because the dj is a italian guy with indian origin, born in Italy but with indian father. The roots bring back to the Punjab (north india) and the music is influenced by bhangra music, sufi, Bollywood and the new indian beats.

The musical goulash made by Sombrero Peligroso and selected in UppergangasoundZ mood sounds like:

balkanika bass :: accordeon step! :: old swing never die :: flying cumbia :: electro folk :: aladin dub :: panta fish dance :: hulahop funky :: tortuga gypsy stylez :: feltro sound ..... caravanserraglio & chapati life # hillstreet & longstone peoples - vintage trailers! rumenta shake:: rumba viva :: bhangra mood::