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Influences: Balkan , Mediterranean , Middle Eastern
Genres: jazz, rock, balkan, prog, medtterranean, live, mediterranean, klezmer
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Slivovitz is a musical collective born in September 2001 and ever since it hasn’t stopped moving, growing, changing shape and direction always in the groove of instrumental music related to ethnically tuned jazz rock. Neurotic, restless and of course striving to shifting during these years, starting from Naples, they have been playing throughout Italy and also reached Hungary (Budapest Sziget Festival, Debrecem, Veszprem, Ocs...), Germany (Berlin), Spain (Barcelona) , Serbia (Nisville Jazz Festival, Belgrade) Croatia (Zagreb) and Austria (Mumyuha Festival Hochneukirchen). They have published three records : Slivovitz (Ethnoworld 2005), Hubris (recorded in 2007 and released by Moonjune in 2009) and Bani Ahead (Moonjune 2011).<br /> The line up evolved during the years around the hard-core formed by Derek di Perri (harmonica) Marcello Giannini (guitars) Pietro Santangelo (saxophones) and Riccardo Villari (violin). With Domenico Angarano (bass) and Stefano Costanzo (drums) they produced and recorded their first and second releases : the homonymous “Slivovitz” (Ethnoworld 2005) and “Hubris” (Moonjune 2009) which also features Ludovica Manzo on vocals.<br /> Their last work, “Bani Ahead” (Moonjune 2011), which features Salvatore Rainone on drums and Ciro Riccardi on trumpet, sounds stylistically more homogeneous than the previous: eight tracks, recorded in the open countryside at Zork Studio (Buccino, Salerno) by Daniele Chiariello and mixed in Sorrento by Peppe de Angelis with vintage equipment, that sounds distinctly rock but never losing that classic ethnic flavour.