Rafał Chojnacki
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The Bumpers - In Polish   After nine years of silence, with a new album, returns the group The Bumpers . Polish band named The Bumpers , best known for its folk-rock interpretation of Celtic music, Ukrainian and Polish folk (in style of The Pogues and The Waterboys ), has released a new CD. The whole material based on Polish folk music tradition. The album, titled Po polsku (eng. - In Polish ) contains folk songs and original compositions by the band members. The CD can be purchased directly from the musicians. Contact details:  maciejcylwik@wp.pl . more
MOLLY MALONE\'S - Celtic punk from Poland The band caled Molly Malone's is one of the few representatives of the Celtic folk-punk in Central Europe. They just released their first album, entitled "Obłęd" ("Madness"). In their music influences come together The Pogues's classic sound with more modern, taken from Flogging Molly . All the lyrics are sung in Polish! You can download their first E.P., called  "Molly Malone's " with four songs:  If you want to listen to a more songs, visit their page on MySpace:  http://www.myspace.com/mollymalonesband On internet store Punkshop.pl - http://punkshop.pl/produkt/obled,molly_malone's,21036  - you can now order a CD. more