Poli Hubavenska
United Kingdom
Influences: East European , Balkan
Genres: dance, house, housedeep house, deep house, housedance
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8 times in the Global Top 40
August 2023 #31 - Global Top 40 Poli Hubavenska-Light Of The Sun (track)
July 2023 #38 - Global Top 40 Zaidi (video)
July 2023 #12 - Global Top 40 Poli Hubavenska-Light Of The Sun (track)
3 times in the Global Top 40
5 times in the Global Top 40
Poli Hubavenska - Zaidi
Photo by: Poli Hubavenska
Photo by: Poli Hubavenska
Photo by: Poli Hubavenska
Photo by: Poli Hubavenska
Photo by: Poli Hubavenska
Poli Hubavenska is a passionate house, ethno and pop music vocalist, born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria.As a very young girl, Poli aspired to be a singer and got herself into music starting to study in a music school and to perform in local talent competitions. Soon she is among the mostly recognized talented kids of Bulgaria and her first record was made at a studio of the Bulgarian National Radio.In the meantime, Poli plays a piano while studying for a musician-vocalist at National Music School – Sofia. Through the years she receives various awards from national and international music competitions.The debut of her vocalist career starts with DJ Stan Kolev and his own record label Outta Limits. They start working on a house music project named ‘Mantra’ together with the Ukrainian DJ Matan Caspi. The track is so successful that it is listed on the Beatport Top 40 Progressive House chart.While DJ Stan Kolev works with DJ Matt Darey from the Amsterdam-based trance label Armada on Darey’s new album, Darey hears and likes Poli’s voice and invites her for his next house project. The track ‘Altitude’ becomes one the most popular songs on the album.After that Poli keeps recording with DJ Stan Kolev and they produce together tracks like ‘Cocoon beach’, ‘River flows’ and 'Magis flower'. ‘Cocoon beach’ is the official track of same-named club in Bali, Indonesia.Later on, the tracks 'Trakia' with DJ Yuji Ono, 'The Beast' with Matt Nouveau and 'Lubeno' with Lost Tribe are also being added to Poli's vocalist playlist. Some of the already released music tracks have been afterwards remixed by Ben Coda, Ad Brown, DJ Lion, Alex Denne, Ad Brown, Bryn Liedl, Daniel Portman, Ben Coda, Scott James, Somn3um. Others have been included in different house compilations.Poli Hubavenska has already worked at labels such as Armada Music, Outta Limits, Freegrant Music, Somn’thing Records, Sirup Music and Cat Music. Currently, she lives in London, keeping on performing and recording new tracks, some of which to be released soon.