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About "Hatem Imam Ya Habib Il Malayeen"
Bob Baker Fish wrote in the cyclic defrost on July 15th 2016 :
They also sound like nothing else around…anywhere. Sure they’re mining an exotic aspect of Arabic popular culture, yet they’re doing so in such an exciting and groundbreaking way, referencing freejazz and electronic music and in the process creating new and hitherto unknown genres of sound that sets the pulse racing.
You can’t ask for much more than that.....

released January 21, 2016
END 12 Fabrication of Silver Dreams by Praed

Paed Conca: Electric Bass, Clarinet, Electronics, Percussion
Raed Yassin: Keyboards, Electronics, Vocals

Fadi Tabbal: electric guitar
Sharif Sehnaoui: electric guitar
Khaled Yassine: riq

Recorded & Mixed by Fadi Tabbal at Tunefork Studios
Mastered by Stefan "Lopazz" Exchanger at Mixmastering

© 2016