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Influences: Balkan , Latin American , Caribbean
Genres: balkan reggae ska
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Photo by: Offchestra
About: Offchestra in Concert
"Offchestra" is a music lineup -orchestra formed by professional instrumentalists, which performs Albanian and Balkan music through the rhythms of blues, jazz and many other music elements of different musical genres from all around the world.

The Orchestra holds a selected elite of professional musicians, it is a structure which always manages to successfully realize all its performances live.Main characteristic of our orchestra is the strong Balkan rhythm backed on beautiful Albanian melodies and enriched with jazz harmony which shows a unique sound, such synthesis of instruments is another quality which is going to preserve the uniqueness of the orchestra. During the first year the orchestra plans to launch its first album on the market, and will soon have the first music video.Offchestra until now been presented in many concerts and festivals in Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Turkey.