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Brass band "Dragačevske trube" was formed in March of 2013, as the successor of Jovica Pavlović's brass band which existed from 1996 to 2007 and won several awards like The Best Ethno Playing in Lobez, Poland 2006 or The Special Award for the Preservation of Folk Tradition in Kučevo 2007. The band has 9 members and it was helped and supported during its formation by Jovica Pavlović, father of the current leader of the band, Dragan Pavlović, who after playing accordion and going through music school, started playing trumpet at the age of 15.

Immediately after Dragačevske trube was formed, the band started playing in various places and had numerous performances and through the years, they gained more and more popularity and the band's progress was obvious.

The orchestra has a diverse repertoire, which goes from the old Serbian songs and kolo from Western Serbia, new folk songs and music from other parts of Serbia, especially the Southern and Eastern Serbia, to covers of some foreign and international songs.

The band had its first performance at the Guča Trumpet Festival in 2015, which was a moment where a lot of people noticed them, so they performed again in 2016 and 2017. In the pre-competition for the Guča Trumpet Festival, the band won several awards: The First Trumpet and The Second Orchestra in 2015, The Best Orchestra in 2016, The First Trumpet, The Second Orchestra and The Best Bassist in 2017.

The band performed in all bigger cities in Serbia, ex-YU countries (Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia) and abroad (Poland, Germany, Romania). Furthermore, it had notable concerts in Čačak, Belgrade, Brus, Kruševac, Loznica, Ljubljana, Dravograd. In addition, Dragačevske trube in their biography have performances with famous folk singers like Rade Jorović and Radiša Urošević.

Dragan Pavlović, the band leader, is also a member of a newly-formed reggae/crossover band YU420 from Belgrade, plays trumpet and accordion, and he sometimes performs with the established band 357 also from Belgrade. In addition to his performances at the Trumpet Festival, he has performed at some other festivals, including the Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Belgrade Beer Fest, Trenchtown Fest in Palić…