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Visionary cosmopolitan with Nigerian Yoruba roots, Oranmiyan has been influencing the African music scene notably during the past years by using his strong traditional lyrics as a medium of activism and communication with the world, addressing spiritual, political, cultural, and social issues.

Oranmiyan's outstanding songwriting and music production capabilities, combined with his strong vocal aesthetics, have created a dynamic musical embodiment of Afrogroove-Jazz fusion sounds blended with traditional reggae and folklore. This has given him the space to work in studios and tours with several revolutionary and legendary musicians like Tony Allen, Pa Fatai Rolling Dollars, Nneka, Black Man Akeeb Kareem, Ade Bantu, Chicago Afrobeat Project, and many more.

Creating his own brand of new styles of music like Yoruba Reggae and Soca music, the Toronto, Canada, and Hamburg, Germany-based artist is busy collaborating on different international projects and performing across Africa, North America, and Europe while preparing for the release of a solo album titled AUTODIDACT. Comprising contemporary fusion of traditional rhythms with Reggae, Highlife, Afrogroove, and Ethno jazz, it will be released in the summer of 2019.

AUTODIDACT features the renowned Mother of Afrobeat and the influencer of the legend Fela Kuti, Sandra Iszadore, on a powerful track titled BORN YOU AGAIN.
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