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Meet the Ngoma Africa Band, the popular and most wanted band based in Germany.

Soulful vocals, hypnotic guitars, and the driving extraordinary rhythm of the "Bongo Dance" from East Africa.

The Ngoma Africa Band, known as the "Golden Voice of East Africa" or "FFU - Field Force Unit," is one of the few African bands in Germany to have touched hearts and left audiences dancing and weak in the knees.

Founded in 1993 and led by Tanzanian musician Ebrahim Makunja, aka Kamanda Ras Makunja - "King of Anunnaki."

Every concert is unique, uniting the audience after a few minutes on the dance floor.

Bongo Dansi – meaning danceable East African dance, is the "Extraordinary Rhythm" that describes the Ngoma Africa Band and makes the band the people's choice.

Baptized under different names by excited fans – the Anunnaki Empire, FFU – Field Force Unit.

The Ngoma Africa Band has successfully written and released several hits, amongst others the latest "Bongo Tambarare," repertoires mostly in the native Tanzanian and East African Kiswahili language.

Under the leadership and great visionary Ebrahim Makunja AKA Kamanda Ras Makunja, the Ngoma Africa Band comprises Africa's young and most talented musicians, drummers, guitarists, bassists, percussionists, dancers, amongst others multi-talented soloist – Christian Bakotessa aka "Chris-B," Mo Benda, Jessy Ouyah, Flora William, Jonathan Sousa aka "Jo Jo," and Aj Nbongo, making the Ngoma Africa Band a complete travel party of eight vibrant musicians and dancers.

Book the Ngoma Africa Band and experience the extraordinary sensational Bongo Dansi from East Africa's best danceable music, best for indoor and outdoor festivals and events of all kinds! Give your audience the best of Africa this season with the Ngoma Africa Band.

Click here for more and listen: www.ngoma-africa.com
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