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Photo by: Michel Sajrawy
Photo by: Michel Sajrawy
One of the most prominent and original representatives of Jazz-Rock-World Fusion worldwide... His stunning guitar sound merges the resonance of electric fusion guitar and the characteristic scales of Middle Eastern instruments, like the oud, creating a completely new "instrument", which sounds like nothing else... So, for the third time in a row, Sajrawy hits the jackpot with his amazing music, unparalleled virtuosity, and most importantly unshaken integrity, doing his thing and believing in his vision, for which he deserves to be respected and admired. Adam Baruch, Jazzis.com

This is high octane, modern Arabic music that isn't like any world jazz or world fusion you've heard up to now... Wild stuff, that's for sure. Midwest Record

He has perfected his ability to perform exotic arrangements on his trusted Fender Stratocaster by bending and coercing his strings into a swift sequence of microtones and quarter-notes, all done with cultural authenticity fused with rock, blues, and bop... This should speak volumes in praise of the power of the music, and might explain the impressive energy level of this recording. Though this will be categorized in the media as world music, it is much more than that. It is a positive assertion that everything is possible. James Nadal, allaboutjazz.com

Barenboim of the Jazz guitar. Alexander Schmitz, Jazzpodium - October 2012

Michel succeeds wildly with a stunning set of mostly instrumental music that is both jazzy, Arabic, and improvisational. This is maqam music for future generations. Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

Sajrawy is exploring liquid modalities, often shredding but also slowing way down for sinuous balladics to lay out the expressive powers of mid-Eastern modes... In largest part, though, this is indeed pyrotechnic... if you're looking at expanding your borders, this gent's guitar playing and Byzantine compositions are an excellent mysterious back alley for that. Mark S. Tucker, acousticmusic.com

Virtuoso Raptured

Like Michel Sajrawy's previous albums "Yathrib" and "Writings on the Wall," the committed artist builds bridges between cultures, excels in the treatment of his instrument and arrangements, and he shows how to reach beyond the music with outstretched hands. Frank Becker, musenblaetter.de

...he can also bop as wonderfully as if he had just invented it himself – just listen to the title piece "Arabop" – or deliver a high-speed long-distance run like in "Longa Farah Faza." A brilliant work of intercultural music without any pseudo-exotic clichés. Liebe Grüße, global-mojo.com (2012, 4th quarter)

The jazzy, experimental sounds are rich with Middle Eastern and North African melodies... The instrumental repertoire is well-balanced. Groove Radio PT

The crossover of folk and jazz more than succeeds... a recommendation given not only for jazz or Orientalists. Gunnar Claussen, babyblaue-seiten.de

I am a sucker for Arabic music, I am a sucker for jazz. I am certainly defenseless against the hybrid of Arabic music and jazz. Guitarist Michel Sajrawy knows both genres very well, which equips him to oversee a perfect merger. Hot Arabic Music
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