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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: East European , Mediterranean , Balkan
Genres: rebetiko, smyrneiko greek and cypriot folk music
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Photo by: Marianna
About: Marianna
Photo by: Marianna
Photo by: Marianna
Greek music, especially the kind of rebetiko is a piece of history... Every song was written out of a true story of real life.... A life full of love, full of difficulties, having the fear of war, the feeling of hunger, the need to stay alive through poverty.

Each rebetiko song has its own character, its own reason to make you love it!!!

I have been singing this kind of songs since I was a kid.... Having a cassette of rebetika and listening to it over and over again!!! I love them and I'm trying to serve this kind as well as I can!!!

I would like to thank you for clicking and listening to my songs. I promise I will do my best for your relaxation and amusement through Greek Music!!!