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MaN Œuvre
United Kingdom
Influences: Middle Eastern , India , West European
Genres: electrique esoterique disk0 ethnique, indo impro, east*west, experimental
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Photo by: MaN Œuvre
About: A youthful innocent 9-)
Photo by: MaN Œuvre
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Photo by: MaN Œuvre
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Photo by: MaN Œuvre
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Colour and bass! (®)> Électrique Ésotérique Disk0 Ethnique. Electro acoustic sounds! Mixed live. Open your heart & mind, for the children of the world. Move beyond the limitations of identity. Embrace the magical point where nature meets technology! Born in London to British / Iraqi parents. Based in London / Berlin. Dedicated to the masters of sound, worldwide!I am getting back into things as a former acid house dj from 1988. I returned to music recently, for self expression and self exploration. I have been listening to India(n), Arab & World music for much of my life.Keypoint - It is a thing of the hand...

Sarmad is a British / Iraqi music artist & photographer.Interested in the growth of humanity.The journey from separation and negation:A sharing of wealth, that brings pure*power to all beings.This work is born in the moment.

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.' Victor Hugo