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Influences: East European , Balkan
Genres: ethno, folk, authentic, world music,
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Photo by: Olenky
Photo by: Olenky
"Olenky" - female ethno-band, which play not only Ukrainian authentic musicbut also Balkans (Serbian and Macedonian ).

Marichka(conzertino) and Vika (bouzouki ) are not limited duet, but always happy to engage other musicians as well as they are ready not only play original versions of songs from all over Eastern Europe but also transform them, make editions and mixing."Olenky & Volodi" - that's the way girls call them in the time of cooperation with other musicians both from Ukraine and Europe.Nowadays, there are a lot of folk bands, the perception of which is slightly destorted in the way they present Ukrainian folk music. That's mostly the most brutal examples of traditional music, musicians act like fools."Olenky" sing folk songs still played in distant villages, which are far from those brutal songs you can ever hear on Ukrainian feasts. Ukrainian and Balkans authentic music is full of incredible fantastic stories, very poetic, ambiguous,ironic.This is not love ode to "Olenky", but understanding and feelings of the music they play, you can see in the way they play instruments, in their voices.Listen and look into their eyes.Listen and try to understand.Enjoy centenary frankness.Enjoy and open palm for warm waves of old-new music.Listen this music with your stomach and lungs.Enjoy.