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La Danza Poetica 028 The Travelling Heart Podcast for February 2015. A trip around the world through the passionate voices and melodies of the Romani folk tradition, the travelling heart of humanity.  Featuring Click Here’s latest album Balkandalucia and new recordings from the great Taraf de Haïdouks. Following the music and the poetry from Andalusia to Bulgaria, Hungary to Slovakia, Romania to Greece. Argentinian/Bulgarian crossover from Kosta Kostov, Andalusian grooves from Thomas Blondet & Carol C., Balkan beats from the Forty Thieves Orkestar, Balkan Criminals, DJ Tomasc, Romani song and story from Esma Redzepova, Slovakia’s Sabrosa, Greece’s Alexandros Wilhelm Hatzis, and UK traveller Damian LeBas. Honoured ghosts, Hungarian poets Szabó Lőrinc and Berda József and the archival recordings of Bari Károly. Listen/download at Groovalizacion Radio: Listen at Mixcloud: Blog:   more
La Danza Poetica special edition: Vuelo Libre ~ CIRCE Mix Something special for this southern summer / northern winter edition of La Danza Poetica. Made for the global collaborative event « circe :the black cut: » in Athens, a remix of the album 'Vuelo Libre' (7MNS). Modern electronic classical music, organic sounds and poetics in six languages. Podcast for January 2015. Blog post about the album and the artists here: more
La Danza Poetica 027 Soul (to Sol) Featuring the new 'Caged Bird Songs' Maya Angelou album, the new soul rock poetry of Aja Monet's 'Courage' EP, plus fresh tracks from Canada's Ian Kamau & Australia's Haitus Kaiyote. Australia's northern soul and the struggle to hold onto it is voiced by beautiful poet Alice Eather. Funk and soul poetics interpreted from the USA to Brussels, to France, to Berlin. And, tributes to our most honoured ghosts Gil Scott Heron (by Sandra Nkaké & Amin Payne) Nina Simone (by Skyphos) and Marvin Gaye (by Guillermo Chiapa)  Dance to the poetry! A joyful noise unto - yourself! December 2014 podcast Blog at Artwork by Alan Aldridge for the 'Caged Bird Songs' release, Smooch Music more
La Danza Poetica 026 Il Canto Popolare Following on from the 1st and 15th shows, return to Italy’s songs and stories, roots of tradition and 'tradinnovazione!'  Focus on the female troubadours of the Occitan tradition, the trobairitz and their modern counterparts, Trobairitz d’Oc, Faraualla, Rosapaeda, Enza Pagliara, poet Mariangela Gualtieri, Alessia Tondo... Focus on pizzica and the modern revival with Mascarimirì remixed by DJ Click, Insintesi remixed by Dr Das, Ckrono & Slesh remixed by The Clerk, Ghetonía remixed by Stefano Miele... Focus on the label AnimaMundi releasing the music of Salento... Hip hop from Genova with Zero Plastica... And, a new spoken word album from Bologna's Matteo Buratti. Our honoured ghost, Piere Paolo Pasolini, 'my Italian tutor'.  Podcast for Radio Groovalizacion, November 2014: Blog at more
La Danza Poetica #25 La Danza Diabólica The power of the drum, the storytelling of music. Honouring The Spaceape (RIP), oscillating with the dark and the light in between the drum beats and breaths. Honouring those with the courage to face the devil in the pauses. Exploring Creole, the language of rhythm and time. Featuring new tracks and albums from Kode9 & Spaceape (UK), Kaie Kellough, Shauntay Grant (CANADA), Chancha via Circuito, Fin de Año (ARGENTINA), + legendary Haitian Creole poet Frankétienne, Haitian/US poet Melissa Beauvery, Mexico’s Alfonso Luna, and the imaginary isles of Mop Mop (ITALY/GERMANY) and Clap Clap (ITALY) … and more … Multilingual spoken word, poetry, hip hop and music podcast made for Groovalizacion web radio, October 2014. Listen/download at Groovalizacion: Listen at Mixcloud: Blog post linking up artists and releases: more
Lisa Greenaway, DJ LAPKAT, spoken word poetry and global beats music blogger, radio presenter.Blog at, focus on world spoken word. "La Danza Poetica"monthly global spoken word / music podcast on Radio Groovalizacion: also in Mixcloud:La Danza Poetica