Hallelujah The Band
Influences: India , Asian
Genres: tridational asian
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BiographyHALLELUJAH THE BAND (PAKISTAN) ™ Formed Nov 2011

With Musical Revival the 7-member, HALLELUJAH THE BAND ™ is a project of Alfa Production Pakistan™ who believes in making magnificent gospel productions that will unite, heal and spread a message of love of our Lord Jesus Christ to all. HALLELUJAH THE BAND ™ is not just an ordinary gospel band, its now considered to be an ambassador of the true message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and an Icon of Peace and Harmony. It has gained recognition among the top Asian bands as well.“The reason behind the formation of this band was to make an album comprising of their praise & worship with high standards of music, recording & videos in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi & English. They decided to make it bilingual so that they could serve internationally.” Motivation:This is a piece of land where we need to inspire our youth towards the worship. We live in a place where chauvinism, drugs, violence, terrorism and surviving to live another day is a way of life. The main focus of us is reality, not just our reality but also the reality of others. The main passion for making Hallelujah Band’s music and video production is to make a change, and to send out a message that one can make it regardless of his background. We send a positive message into our world that is full of chaos and negativity.Our Team:“We want to write and sing music that speaks to somebody’s spirit,” says team HALLELUJAH a production team that works with National/ International Artists, Films, TV, and Gospel/Commercial Music Along With Video Productions.Zahid NazirVocalist:Six-time Award-winner at the age of 10 to 16 in different churches & Competitions In Pakistan, A compelling performer with cross-over appeal, As a gifted vocalist and a worship leader, He has ministered to Thousands of people all over the Pakistan, No doubt Zahid Is one of the best Gospel artists in Pakistan. His song "Zikar Karan Mein" shot the charts and went to number one on the Pakistan Christians Music charts 2 years back. Zahid knows how God can take a broken and hardened heart and soften it, mold it and use it for His glory. He inspires individuals to move into that deep place of worship where hearts and lives can be renewed, restored and changed by the Holy presence of God. Zeeshan Rafiq Vocals/Lyrics/Composer: As a Vocalist/song writer, Zeeshan believes in writing from His heart and knowing what the Spirit of God is saying to the Church. As a gifted vocalist and Composer Zeeshan is fuelled by his passion to see people all over the world inspired to worship and praise God through Spirit-born Hallelujah’s music and lyrics and to see the name of God lifted up through his Composition. He has a passion for the glory of God! This reflects in his Writings and compositions, delivered under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.Anthony Soshil Shah Aka MoonKeyboard/Music Programmer/Arrangements: His God-given gift of arranging has been a continuous source of new music for upcoming bands, choirs and soloists throughout the globe. Anthony began his career at the age of 15 and has over 50 albums including 30 Gospel albums for various Churches and artists to his credit throughout his 20 years experience. His music and musicianship have been well received worldwide, and he is recognized locally and internationally for his music productions. He has worked extensively with a variety of dynamic national and international artists in Canada, India, Dubai, Thailand and Pakistan. Now he is a Leader of Hallelujah Band to help accomplish the mission of carrying his music further into the mainstream of the Gospel music industry.Waqar Peter Gill (Bi2)Guitars/Video Direction/Production:An ambitious Christian Director/Producer having vast experience of working with many famous TV channels of Pakistan. He has directed many telefilms, sitcoms, TVCs, music videos, live shows, documentaries and dramas. Now God has blessed him with a vision to serve Him and to serve His nation. There are very few Christian Director/Producers in Christian community in Pakistan and he is one of them. Waqar Is Playing Guitars For Hallelujah Band along with Hallelujah’s Videos are Produced & directed by him.There are countless ways to serve God by serving in your community and thus his commitment has led him towards this band and he is playing a meaningful role to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Adnan Peter Gill (Nono)Guitars/Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Along With Playing Guitars For Hallelujah the Band Thinking a mixing board is his best friend, Adnan believes in making his living by the ability to create, scrutinize, critique, modify, shape, control, enjoy and rejoice in the details and sound quality of music and audio sound. Working as an Engineer in the audio industry for many years has a strong technical knowledge and understanding about music production, mixing, music genres, etc. A down-to-earth engineer that has performed in USA, Canada, India, Dubai, France etc. Adnan has been working with many famous artists in Pakistan and for Bollywood & for Bollywood projects as a recording/mixing engineer. We are high in hopes that Lord Jesus Christ will use him to serve our nation.Sunil Inayat Aka SunnyBassist/Recording Engineer: He loves to operate equipment to record, mix and edit sound, music recordings and live events. He has extensive experience with on-location recording and live sound engineering. Living in this rapidly evolving digital technology era, he cares to preserve the warmth, intimacy and integrity of analog sound. He favors the more natural sound, especially with acoustic instrumentation but this does not mean that he shuns the current technology; he cannot live without digital recordings. With a great experience in recording & mixing Sunil dedicated himself as Bass player in Hallelujah band with the passion to serve Him to prove himself a true disciple.Ahmer KennethLead Guitarist:Ahmer is a legendary Christian Guitarist of Pakistan & one of the famous commercial players in Pakistan, Ahmer gained so much popularity by equipping 1st digital studio recording setup in Pakistan, Where he worked for so many famous artists as a Guitarist, recording & mixing engineer. Ahmer's father is a founder of Pakistan's 1st Gospel Band Ambassadors For Christ & Ahmer played & lead that band for years. Ahmer was also the guitarist for Pakistan's best pop band Rage & a classical band with renowned Rustam Fateh Ali Khan. Now Ahmer is based in Canada & serving with Hallelujah The Band from there by playing lead guitars.CredentialsRAHBER:“Rahber” is Hallelujah’s debut Video that has become an Icon of peace and harmony that has spread the true message of Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and has gained worldwide acceptance by the followers of all the major religions. It’s the first Christian video that has been played on various commercial music channels and has been dubbed as “The true message of peace by a Christian Gospel band in Pakistan” and has topped the charts. This song has received warm welcome and encouraging comments from the Muslim community as well and has been clicked for thousands of times on the major Pakistani music websites and worldwide social media websites such as Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube & Twitter Etc Etc.TARKAY (PSLAM 63):This Psalm is the most soothing track in this album and has received more than 37000 hits on Youtube. It’s a favorite among the youth.RAB JANAY:This track is the most played and heard song in the history of the Gospel music in Pakistan. It’s the popular most song among all age groups and is played on all the major events, whether a wedding, a crusade, a seminar, a birthday party or a political party. This song has gained groundbreaking popularity. This song is so much popular that most people are using it as their caller tune and/or ringtone. Hallelujah The Band released their Debut album Featuring the #1 hit of the current year “RAB JANAY” Worldwide on 1st may 2013. The tracks in album are: 1: Holy - Ballad - English, Urdu2: Dastaar - Ballad - English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi3: Rab Janay – Punjabi Rock4: Mera Masih - Power Ballad - Urdu, Hindi, and English5: Rahber - Pop Rock - Urdu6: Mera Khuda - Ballad - Urdu, Hindi7: Tarkay - Ballad - Punjabi8: Hallelujah - Ballad - Urdu, English9: Yasu Tere Bin - Ballad – UrduLinks For Hallelujah! Videos:Rab Janay: https://vimeo.com/56176124Rahber: https://vimeo.com/53159998Hathaan Pairaan Wich Kil: https://vimeo.com/60931949Christmas Song: https://vimeo.com/55200572Ibn e khuda Aa Gya: https://vimeo.com/55199035Tadkay mein Tenu(Psalm 63): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqH0vaoFrBoLive Performance:https://vimeo.com/63151285Find Us:On Google, Type, “HALLELUJAH THE BAND PAKISTAN”http://www.facebook.com/HallelujahPakistaniGospelBand/infoReverbnation: http://www.facebook.com/HallelujahPakistaniGospelBand/app_2405167945Contact us:hallelujahpk@gmail.com alfaproductionpk@gmail.com