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Hadar Maoz, a talented singer, creative and inspiring performer, electrifies the crowd with a musical journey into the world of Asian soul groove. She recently published her new album "Asian Soul."

This year, Hadar performed in the U.S. with her musical ensemble named Hadar Maoz in two successful concerts in Manhattan.

Hadar Maoz has been performing for the last 10 years. Her cultural roots began in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Bukharan traditional music of Central Asia has been around for over 2500 years. Hadar sings devotional singing—a style passed through many generations of her family in Bukhara—and was influenced by the ancient oriental styles. Her unique style combines traditional music of Central Asia with an electrifying modern groove.

Hadar sings and plays many instruments, including the Tar, Saz, Dayereh, percussions, and bass. During her shows, Hadar combines dance acts inspired by the styles of Central and East Asia.

Hadar has performed in different places in Israel. In 2009, she released the album "Tribe of Brothers" with Yoel Ben-Simon and performed at the Jerusalem International Oud Festival.

In 2006 and 2005, Hadar participated with "Habreira Hativeet" in two tours in Europe, the USA, and Canada. Habreira Hativeet, formed in 1977, plays music that has evolved from Sephardic, African, and Eastern roots. It was the first group to play Israeli world fusion.

We feel that Europe is the natural target market for Hadar's music, and we want to target the 2014 festival season. Hadar's performance show is ready. Hadar and her three band members are well-prepared, hoping to perform at the ______________________________________________ 2014.

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Exceptional quotes from top world music agents who attended the show at the Drom NYC:

"Amazing! Phenomenal energy, great stage presence, and great synergy with the band. A true born performer. Moves like Jagger. Very interesting and unique repertoire; she will go far."

Mehmet Dede, Programmer, The DROM

"Hadar emanates raw talent and delivers a powerful performance, clearly connected in a deep way to her music's mystic source."

Matt Greenhill, Folklore Productions International

"The show was great, Hadar's talent and passion definitely came across live, and it makes for an exhilarating show. She used some traditional drums which the crowd, especially the younger attendees, responded to well. The percussion was wonderful and a great aspect of the show. Clearly talented!"

Liz Pantone, The Agency Group

"The band was great, Hadar really has a great stage presence and charisma, in addition to really taking in the traditions, it's a great combination. The band is doing a great job of mixing the old and the new."

Rob Weisberg, Producer, WFMU Radio