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February 2024 #36 - Top 40 for North American Influence Silence Is Music (track)
January 2024 #5 - Top 40 for North American Influence Silence Is Music (track)
December 2023 #14 - Top 40 for North American Influence Silence Is Music (track)
2 times in the Global Top 40
AfricaPachanga 03/Abr/2024 - Nancy Vieira - Música Africana Afrobeat https://www.ivoox.com/africapachanga-03-abr-2024-nancy-vieira-musica-africana-audios-mp3_rf_126985027_1.html

AfricaPachanga es un programa de radio especializado en música africana, dirigido por Jesús Herranz,
DJ Tubabu, que se emite desde el 2001 en Radio Enlace (https://www.radioenlace.org , 107.5FM Madrid,

AfroBase 29 Mar 2024

Apr 1, 2024
 AfroBase 29 Mar 2024 https://www.totallyradio.com/shows/afrobase/episodes/afrobase-29-mar-2024

Featuring collaborations - Malian singer Mamani Keita & Ethiopian inspired crew Arat Kilo,
electronic music producer Robert Hood and afrobeat sax player Femi Kuti, Cuban pianist Roberto
Fonseca with Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara, and Congol...
272. Nu Jazz Sounds (29/03/24) https://www.mixcloud.com/FromeFM/272-nu-jazz-sounds-290324/

Discover a whole new world of sound with Ant Bird's weekly foray into the world of jazz,
old and new. From African music to New Orleans Jazz, Swing to Jazz/Funk fusion and Hip-Hop,
this is the show that takes your ears to another place completely.
A World in London 148 - March 27th, 2024 - DJ Ritu global music A World in sync through sound – DJ Ritu MBE mixes global music by Soul legends Bobby Womack & the Staple Singers, Brazilian nu-groove by Céu, Afro-Jazz by Oluma, a song for Palestine by Cairokee, Tanzanian polyphonic harmonies from The Zawose Queens, eclectic-classical by the Orchestra of Everywhere, Balkans sax from Bjonko, Franck Biyong and ma...
Inside the Groove: Franck Biyong’s Journey from Progressive Rock to Afro Jazz https://www.prog-sphere.com/2024/02/21/inside-the-groove-franck-biyongs-journey-from-progressive-rock-to-afro-jazz/

In this insightful interview, Franck Biyong, a seasoned musician in the realm of progressive and experimental rock, takes us on a journey through his musical evolution, creative process, and influences. From his earl...
Photo by: Franck Biyong
About: THE AFROVISION SECRET...New Album...October 2021
Photo by: Franck Biyong
About: AFRIMA AWARDS 2022 - Cameroon Nominees 2
Photo by: Franck Biyong
About: AFRIMA 2022 NOMINEES LIST - Continental Categories
Photo by: Franck Biyong
About: AFRIMA 2022 NOMINEES LIST - Continental Categories 2
Photo by: Franck Biyong
About: FECAMUSIC Congratulates Cameroon's 2022 AFRIMA AWARDS Nominees
Photo by: Franck Biyong
About: KUNDE - New Album..Out Ocober 14th 2022
Franck Biyong is a Cameroonian guitarist, composer, and singer, creator of the Afrolectric sound fusing Afrobeat, electro funk, jazz, and rock sounds. Attracted to music at a very early age, he spent most of his childhood in West Africa (Gabon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast) where he learned music. He left Africa for Europe where he started his musical career.

Franck released 20 albums and operates outside the lines which map the trajectories of African musicians in and out of the continent. Doing so, he gained a reputation over the last fifteen years as one of the very few authentic innovators of modern African music, blessed with a solid and sophisticated production, a celebration of diverse influences driven by a heavyweight spatial sound.
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