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Franck Biyong shows us his afroelectric mould taking shape with his album, “Moonwatching 2”
The way Franck Biyong composes is unlike any other musician you will find. This artist
has blended roots of Afrobeat to a jazz and electric sound that has a vantage point on
the contemporary. His latest album is a thematic entrance into a slice of time which
only he can master. This album is called Moonwatching 2.
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Franck Biyong Returns with Monumental Album ‘Moonwatching 2’
The keen reader will be acutely aware of talented ‘Afrolectric’ creator Franck Biyong. Having appeared in our publication already with ‘Silence is Music’, we know a thing or two about him too. A nuanced and experienced guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Biyong champions a truly organic and authentic artistry, preferring electric, actual instru... more
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 Tangential Music with Lee Bright - Winter Warmth
A Musical retrospective of the year that was featuring
releases from Tangential music and its extended family.

From ambient electronica, chilled beach bar vibes to
a sneak preview of next years Christmas Soundtrack.

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Mwalimu Express (17/12/2023)
Mwalimu Express (17/12/2023)

Rita Ray & Max Reinhardt present music from the Motherland in this month's
Festive Frolic of a #MwalimuExpressRadioShow. Featuring sublime special guest
FRANCK BIYONG talking about life, about African music present, past and future
and about his new album #Moonwatching2.
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Franck Biyong - Moonwatching II 15.12.2023
Последний раз мы встречались с камерунским гитаристом и композитором
Фрэнком Бийонгом в 2022 году на альбоме Kunde. Позволю себе небольшую
цитату из той рецензии: «…Kunde практически лишен этнических признаков.
Такая музыка могла с равным успехом появиться и в Камеруне, и в Исландии,
и в Чили.» До того в работах Б... more
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Avatar burlveneer-music  Franck Biyong - Moonwatching 2 - new album from Cameroonian guitarist

Franck moves the limitations of African music with
Moonwatching II, extending the palette of newer sounds
in creative guitar music. As Afropop and Nigeria's Afrobeats
are recognized worldwide, African rock... more