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Electrocutango is taking their unmistakable mix of Argentine tango, jazzy beats, and electronics a step further in a funky direction. They are considered one of the most dynamic, original, and audacious expressions of the new tango movement. Their sound can be identified as tango with an electronic update (rather than electronica with "exotic seasoning"). The music has a distinct identity based on tanguero musicianship with an original approach to fusions with anything from Puerto Rico, Brazil, R&B, DnB, jazz, or contemporary music. The European tango festivals, as well as milongas and clubs, gave their first CD, Felino, a warm welcome, and it's considered a classic within the electronic tango genre. Electrocutango was founded in Norway and released its second CD "Adrenalina" in Buenos Aires, where bandleader Joner was given the title "Académico Correspondiente" from the Argentine National Tango Academy by none other than tango poet Horacio Ferrer, who wrote:

"Sverre Indris Joner, a creative remarkable tanguista. He has, with Electrocutango, without any doubt, obtained an irreproachable and refined version of new tango in this 21st century. This admirable Norwegian pianist, composer, arranger, and director demonstrates that the tango can still keep its youthful aesthetic and challenging courage like in the old times. He sometimes reminds me of my dear colleague Osvaldo Tarantino. His devotion to the styles of Salgán and Piazzolla shines through, using it as exquisite perfumes within a totally personal style full of rhythmic complexity, reflected in his inspired and original compositions."

The challenge for Electrocutango is to be innovative and free in a genre that can be locked to tradition in an almost dogmatic way. Particularly if you want to meet the dancing audience at home. Which is the ambition of Electrocutango: to play concert music and be danceable at the same time. All the music by Electrocutango is composed by Sverre Indris Joner, who has had an emphasis on the Latin genres throughout his career. He writes music for everything from contemporary ballet and theatre to chamber music & film music. His tango passion also takes symphonic forms, and Joner recently released a symphonic tango record with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK), where some of Electrocutango's pieces are given an orchestral interpretation.

Joner is also the founder of the quartet Tango for 3, with its characteristic stamp interpreting a wide range of songs from other genres as tango; from ABBA & James Bond to Grieg & Brahms, and with whom he has performed as a soloist with renowned symphony orchestras in England, Germany, and Scandinavia. With Electrocutango, Joner won the Edvard Award (TONO) as part of the theatre piece Tanghost, where the Argentine dancer Pablo Verón appeared as choreographer and dancer.

Electrocutango is:
Sverre Indris Joner - piano, laptop
Odd Hannisdal - violin
Steinar Haugerud - double bass
Kaspar Uljas - bandoneon
Andreas Bye - drums.
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