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Don Billiez
Influences: West European , Mediterranean , Latin American
Genres: worl'n jazz
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Photo by: Don Billiez
About: Don Afro
Photo by: Don Billiez
About: Don billiez and The Additive Pulse Band
Photo by: Don Billiez
About: Don billiez and The Additive Pulse Band
He calls himself « Catalan african white », but it’s not enough to define the music of Don Billiez. It goes from Africa to South America with a constant focus on soul, funk and its own Latino-Mediterranean roots. His last record « Con Alma » offers an initiate journey showing worldwide influences. This former member of Toure Kunda (USA, Japan & African tours) has opened a path through instrumental World Music by his compositions and also his sound, a unique tone that put him at the same level as his peers: Jim Pepper, Gato Barbieri, Pharoah Sanders… The third Album from Don Billiez « Chapter Free » 2013/2014.....

The Fourth Album just arrived in April 2018 "Echoes of Magic Trips" Don Billiez with his group SQ5 ....To discover absolutly !!

Electric rock-pop accents, Doors / Floyd / Afro sol jazzy ambience .... An organic "Stuffy" sound (Old School) .... melodies signed by this "Sax sound", from improvisations to lyrical flights mixed with the soul beat of the SQ5 band & guest, invite us to cross the magical journeys of don billiez

Label B'S Prod / Inouïe Distribution

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