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Photo by: Color Violeta
About: Band
Color Violeta is a musical group based around the realization of arrangements of compositions by the Chilean folk musician Violeta Parra (1917-1967). The group rediscovers and interprets songs that describe the traditions, scenery, and human relations of Chile and Latin America.

Color Violeta is composed of Daniel Emden as director and arranger, percussion, guitar, and piano; vocalist Pedro Díaz; Willy Ríos on charango and sicus (Andean panflute); Hugo Larenas on guitar; and Sébastien Pellerin on double bass.

Color Violeta's performances reveal the essence of Latin American traditional folk music, where rhythms such as the cueca, festejo, candombe, huayno, and chacarera are fused intelligently and subtly with jazz. In this way, the group succeeds in creating a musical offering that is modern and original, yet respectful of its roots.


In 2010, Daniel Emden was awarded the Vivacité grant, presented by the Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec. This allowed him to develop his project: Color Violeta - original arrangements of compositions by the Chilean folk artist and poet Violeta Parra (1917-1967). In September 2010, Color Violeta launched their first EP and performed their first official concert.

In June 2011, the group was nominated for the Diversity Prize, awarded by the Montreal Arts Council. Following this, they went on their first tour in Chile, invited by Ángel Parra, Violeta Parra's grandson, with whom they shared the stage in their performances.

At the end of 2012, Color Violeta launched its album "Gracias," produced by Paul Johnston (JUNO 2011, 2012) and featuring Ángel Parra as a guest musician. Shortly after, they went on their second tour in Bolivia, to expand their knowledge of the music of the Andes and to meet with key individuals from Violeta's musical life.

In 2013, Color Violeta performed in various historical places in Germany such as Porta Nigra in Trier, Marburg, Giessen, and Wittlich, and in one of Violeta Parra's favorite destinations: Paris.

The group is currently touring under the Montreal Arts Council program "CAM en Tournée 2013-2014.
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