May 05/19/23, 2023
Star Goes Nova Goes Spiritual in her New Single \ EDM and sound artist Star Goes Nova's new neo-classical and spiritual song, "Eye," transports listeners to a realm of ethereal beauty and celestial wonder, immersing them in a world where acoustic grandeur meets electronic innovation.

Dedicated to the spring holidays of awakening and rebirth, "Eye" depicts a medieval Spring dance, surrounded by the resplendent melodies and harmonies created by the interplay of the harp and piano. The cathedral ambiance adds a touch of grandeur, further immersing the listener in a reverie of timeless celebration. The composition evokes images of starbursts and the vibrant energy of Easter, Solstice, and May Day festivities, embracing the joy and renewal of the season.

"Eye" is a testament to Star Goes Nova's ability to merge the realms of classical beauty and contemporary innovation. It invites listeners to experience the convergence of traditional and electronic elements, creating a symphony that resonates deep within the soul.

Listen here:

Star Goes Nova, also known as Christine Law, is a multifaceted musician and composer whose artistry spans genres and eras. Her creative vision is rooted in a profound exploration of space, time, and thought, allowing her to craft epic narratives that bridge past and future. Drawing upon her 115-year-old piano, power drums, and deep bass music, she weaves intricate sonic tales that resonate with the human spirit and invite listeners to embark on introspective journeys. Each composition becomes an empathic space where stargazing, personal empowerment, and the exchange of thoughts from other worlds intertwine.

With a rich musical background that includes touring and recording with notable artists, such as Martha Davis and Jan Kuehnemunde, Christine Law's expertise shines through in Star Goes Nova's meticulously crafted compositions. Collaborating with Grammy-winning producer John Baffa and esteemed songwriters Suzanne Paris and David Holster, Star Goes Nova's music embraces a collaborative spirit, resulting in awe-inspiring sonic landscapes that transcend boundaries.