May 05/12/23, 2023
Todd Mosby Shares Captivating Jazz Piece \ Prepare to be transported to a place of enchantment with Todd Mosby's vibrant contemporary jazz single, "Place in the Sun."

This upbeat and joyous composition showcases Mosby's prowess as a jazz guitarist and songwriter, infusing the track with elements of funk, Motown, and 1970s jazz fusion. With dreamy Sérgio Mendes-style female vocals, a grooving rhythm section, and Mosby's lyrical yet dexterous guitar playing, "Place in the Sun" captures the transcendent essence of beautiful natural environments and evokes a sense of spirituality and mystery.

Part of Mosby's upcoming album, 'Land of Enchantment,' "Place in the Sun" offers a sonic exploration of the visual, emotive, and spiritual interactions the artist experiences within the borders of New Mexico. The song pays melodic homage to Tom Scott's 'Tom Cat' album, which served as an early inspiration for Mosby's musical journey.

This captivating composition brings together an impressive lineup of A-list musicians, including drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, saxophonist Tom Scott, bassist Rhonda Smith, keyboardist Dapo Torimiro, vocalist Laura Vall, Grammy-winning producer Jeff Weber, and Emmy and Grammy-winning engineer Clark Germain. Their collective talents contribute to the rich and textured soundscapes that elevate "Place in the Sun" to new heights.

Todd Mosby is a highly regarded Indian and jazz guitarist whose music reflects the vibrant cultural blend of St. Louis, drawing from Indian, African-American, and Americana traditions. His unique musical language seamlessly weaves together elements of western composition, jazz improvisation, and Indian raga music, setting him apart as a truly versatile and innovative artist.

"Place in the Sun" serves as a testament to Mosby's ability to create captivating and immersive musical experiences. Through his masterful guitar work and thoughtful compositions, he invites listeners on a journey to a realm where melody and rhythm intertwine with the essence of natural beauty.

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