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6 times in the Global Top 40
May 2024 #26 - Global Top 40 Na Me Own My Bodi Feat. Akua Naru (track)
April 2024 #6 - Global Top 40 Na Me Own My Bodi Feat. Akua Naru (track)
April 2024 #31 - Global Top 40 Ten Times Backwards (track)
2 times in the Global Top 40
3 times in the Global Top 40
1 time in the Global Top 40

BANTU- Animal Carnival

Aug 1, 2020
BANTU- Animal Carnival Following their power packed call to action single, “Disrupt the Programme” (released in April 2020), BANTU (Brotherhood Alliance Navigating Towards Unity) hits even harder with yet another musical tour de force titled “Animal Carnival”, which drops on 29.05.2020.
The premise of “Animal Carnival” is a simple question- how does one make s...

BANTU - Disrupt The Programme

Aug 1, 2020
BANTU - Disrupt The Programme Three years after their critically acclaimed album, international tours and live collaborations that has seen them work with the likes of Burna Boy, Yemi Alade, Seun Kuti and many more, BANTU returns stronger than ever with “Disrupt The Programme” dropping April 10th 2020. Over the years the Lagos based 13-piece band BANTU has won a loyal and de...
Photo by: BANTU
About: BANTU
Photo by: BANTU
About: BANTU
Lagos, the pulsating epicenter of the current global Afrobeats movement, has always been a multilayered melting pot of musical genres constantly inspiring and feeding off one another. One of the bands that has always stood out amongst the crowd is BANTU, a 13-piece musical collective known for their rich myriad sounds and socially conscious lyrics. Formed as an acronym of Brotherhood Alliance Navigating Towards Unity (BANTU) by brothers Ade Bantu and Abiodun in Germany, the group has created a unique and immediately recognizable fusion of Afrobeat, Afrofunk, & Yoruba music. The list of artists who've collaborated with BANTU is a testament to the power, originality, and talent of the band: an international cornucopia including UB40, Tony Allen, Patrice, Brothers Keepers (which they created), Xavier Naidoo, Megaloh, Akua Naru, Gentleman, Seun Kuti, and Burna Boy, just to name a few. These star collaborations helped the band earn several major continental awards including the Kora Awards (the Pan African equivalent of the Grammys) for “Best Group West Africa” and “Best Group Africa.” With their newest album, "What is Your Breaking Point?", which was released in June 2023, they continue to effortlessly push the boundaries of funk and political prowess even further than their previous releases.
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