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Alex Boyé
Influences: African , Caribbean , West European
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Photo by: Alex Boyé
Photo by: Alex Boyé
About: "African Zombie"
Photo by: Alex Boyé
Alex Boyé who’s mesmerizing presence and Epic voice helped propel “Peponi”, the piano guys Coldplay cover to the stratosphere with over 15 million views on YouTube, is a formidable solo artist. Alex was also featured vocalist on the viral music video of violin sensation Lindsey Sterling, on the captivating “Afro-classical version of Bruno Mars’s “Grenade”. Award winning singer and songwriter is best known for his African twist on American pop andethno -classical music. Riding on a fresh new musical wave of ethnic sound mixed with the hottest hits of today, Alex’s music is being discovered by thousands of new listeners daily, and is on the verge of making serious milestones in the industry. - See more at: