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Aleksandar Kashtanov Orkestar - Bubamara Brass Band
Influences: Balkan , Gypsy
Genres: balkan brass, gypsy
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Bubamara Balkan Brass orchestra was formed 2005. in city of Moscow, by Aleksandar Kashtanov inspired by Balkan Music (Bregovic, Markovic, Kusturica, Balkan traditional and authors by Aleksandar Kashtanov).

The band plays Balkan, Gypsy, Romanian.

Bubamara Brass Band by Aleksandar Kashtanovhas several varries of orchestra- Full Orchestra: 8 Persons; vocal, saxophone, baritones, trumpets, tuba, drums, accordion.

Behind BBB orchestra are many performances arround Russia and EU, their rich repertoire is variable of Their own music, tradinoal and cover songs, also they have behind them 6 Studio CD Albums and one is waiting for publication

Bubamara Brass Band - "Kashtanizma", 2010

Bubamara Brass Band - "Bubamarija", 2011

Bubamara Brass Band - "Zemlja Bubarumija", 2012

Bubamara Brass Band - "Balkanteka", 2013

Bubamara Brass Band - "Ja Volim Bubamaru!", 2014

Bubamara Brass Band - "Muzika U Ime Zivota", 2017

Bubamara Brass Band - "Zivot U Ime Ljubavi", 2019

Bubamara Brass performs at the biggest Russian festivals, such as Usadba Jazz, Wild Mint, Kinotavr and Moscow International Film Festival, Kazahstan, Turkey, Sahalin.