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Nyce RSA Nyce RSA real name Andile Valentine Zulu is a South African HipHop Artist from Newcastle who specializes in melodic rap.
\ This record is my own odyssey. I walk past the different forms of flamenco, experiencing them from the point of view of a traveler who carries within him the flavors and timbres of both Eastern and Western cultures. The tracks in this record are moments from this walk.

Flamenco dancers and contemporary choreographers have created dances for most of the tracks. Over the course of time, since the conception of the original idea, several elements have been changed and readapted after being tested through interaction with audiences during concerts, eventually resulting in the forms in which they were finally recorded.

Released by NAXOS
An Evening with John Reed & Matt Steady WHEN: from 7pm SUNDAY 4th DECEMBER 2022
WHERE: - 'Listen Live' link in top menu bar

West Norfolk Radio host weekly live Sunday evening radio sessions at Narborough Social Club, Norfolk, UK. What makes these special is that artists also play live to an audience in the room.

There will be three sets:

30 minutes from me
30 minutes from Matt
60 minutes from the two of us together

Wherever you are in the world, please tune in and enjoy.


 Rádio Câmara - Kalimba - AFRIMA 2022 - Rock, RNB e Soul Kalimba prossegue na cobertura do prêmio AFRIMA - All Africa Music Awards
, em 2022 na sua oitava edição.

Nesta edição Kalimba apresenta os nomeados a mais duas categorias do Afrima
2022: Melhor dupla ou grupo de rock, e Melhor dupla ou grupo de RNB e soul.

Na categoria rock são apenas seis nomeados, o que mostra a pouca tradição
desse ritmo no continente africano. Todavia, isso não quer dizer que falte
qualidade aos trabalhos concorrentes. Os nomeados são o camaronês Franck
Biyong (também nomeado na categoria Jazz), a banda Rash (foto), do Quênia,
a jovem roqueira nigeriana Clay, o egípcio Amir Eid e dois representantes
da África do Sul, tradicional polo roqueiro do continente: Daniel Baron e
a dupla afrikaner Reën & Refentse Morake.

Os gêneros RNB e Soul, assim como o reggae e o jazz, têm um traço africano
muito evidente, e também fizeram a travessia do oceano rumo a suas raízes
ancestrais. A Nigéria tem duas nomeações: a estrela Tiwa Savage e o astro
Omah Lay. Destaque também para a República dos Camarões, com Tayc,
e o angolano C4 Pedro.

Texto e apresentação: Daniel do Amaral

Trabalhos técnicos: Carlos Augusto
 Rádio Câmara - Kalimba - AFRIMA 2022 - Jazz Kalimba prossegue na cobertura do prêmio AFRIMA - All Africa Music Awards,
em 2022 na sua oitava edição. O AFRIMA é o prêmio mais importante da música
da África, e é promovido pela União Africana, a organização de reúne os
governos dos países do continente.

Todo mundo sabe que o Jazz tem um DNA africano, embora tenha surgido nas
Américas. Nasceu nos Estados Unidos como Jazz, no Brasil como Choro, no
Caribe em diversos ritmos, sempre a partir dos músicos afrodescendentes.
No século XX o Jazz atravessou o oceano de volta a seu berço africano,
e lá se reinventou, pelas mãos de Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, Mano Dibango,
Hugh Masekela, Abdullah Ibrahim e também com as grandes orquestras.

Este ano, entre os nomeados à estatueta de Melhor Artista ou Grupo de
Jazz do AFRIMA estão nomes consagrados e jovens talentos. Como sempre,
as indicações vêm da África do Sul (Kelvin Momo e Jay Sax, acompanhados
do Grupo TBO, Thapelo Lekoane), Etiópia (Addis Legesse, Gutu Abera,
grupo Jano Band), Nigéria (Made Kuti e The Cavemen) e Camarões
(Franck Biyong), tradicionais celeiros do Jazz africano, marcam
presença, além dos países de língua portuguesa, como Moçambique
(Jimmy Dludlu [foto]) e Cabo Verde (Élida Almeida).

Texto e apresentação: Daniel do Amaral

Trabalhos técnicos: Carlos Augusto
Ann Licater is an award-winning recording artist, world flutist, favoring wood, silver, and clay flutes, as well as a producer and composer. She created and facilitates “Flute for the Soul” workshops where she plays Native American and world flutes as tools for personal discovery. Ann merges her intuition and traditional music background to create beautiful original melodies and provide an inspiring artful, sonic journey that is perfect for mindfulness practices, meditation and well-being. Also recommended for yoga, spa, healing arts, creativity, study, sleep, and overall stress reduction. Licater loves to create music that takes listeners on an inner journey.

On her six albums, Following the Call (2007), Doorway to a Dream (2010), Invitation from Within (2013), Beyond the Waves (2016), Quiet Spaces: Flute Meditations for Mindfulness and Relaxation (2018), and Whispers from Earth (2022), as in her healing concerts, Ann’s unique approach merges her intuition, spiritual perspective and traditional music background. Her love of wood and clay flutes led her to study with master flutist R. Carlos Nakai (Navajo-Ute) complementing her years of classical flute training at the MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Licater’s music accolades range from “Top Ten Best New Age Album” by Amazon music editors, to “Best Relaxation Album” by ZMR Music Awards and beyond. Her music is featured on Sirius XM, Soundscapes, a Music Choice cable radio channel, Pandora and Spotify and as in-flight entertainment for Cathay Pacific Airlines, Virgin Airlines and Air Canada under the music category “Well-Being.” Licater has performed at the World Flute Fest at Carnegie Hall, the Awakened World Conference in Rome and Florence, Italy and at “Sound Body, Sound Mind” Specialty Week at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate. Mexico. She holds a B.A. from University of St. Thomas, and an M.L.A. in Creation Spirituality from Naropa University and divides her time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California.

Whispers From Earth is a meditative album with soft, deeply reflective solo and duet compositions, featuring clay, wood and classical flutes, fluttering and glowing, with a pure and living sound, imagine looking up at the sky and specifically reaching out, possibly silently and alone, maybe with a campfire. Perhaps the earliest signals from Earth came about as a form of whispered prayers.

The first track is the title track, "Whispers from Earth" (4:22), which opens with a deep dry celestial electronics, accompanied by a flute. The sound is secure, with a warm feeling, drawing a celestial glow in from the distance. "Echoes from a Glass Pond" (3:26) is a solo instrument, multi tracked. A tremolo call and return reverberating across the restful expanse of the reflective water. The pace is perfectly slow and relaxing. "Peaceful Prayer" (3:21) is for a solo spirit, the light flickers and incandescence sustains, the quiet slowly reaches the spirit. A piano joins the Gaelic bird spirits, "Luminous Morning" (4:25). The track "Red Cedar Calling" (2:42) stands alone signaling, the cedar spirits are signifying. "Star Stream Dreamer" (6:17), brings an accompanied silver flute, warm flowing breath and weaving patterns, with melodic percussion.

Imagine that the water is perfectly still, the music is essentially calling from the water, "Mirror Lake Reflection" (3:05). "Initiation (Awakening)" (2:59), solo multi tracked splendor, a mysterious double tone summoning the community, calling in new spirits. Track 9, "Silver Soliloquy" (3:46) is entirely solo, playing in a huge reflective chamber, the sound is inside and above, very mindful and present. "Forest Moon Rising" (3:02) tonight calling so clearly, solo classical flute. "Redwood Memories" (3:18), where are they now? Calling low and the voice is dry, a solo wood flute multi tracked. The final track is "Following the Call (Horizons)" (4:07), somewhere a signal is going out into the universe, calling us and we hear it, we consider the possibilities of going further, joined by friends.

“Walking in nature experiencing the subtle and bold beauty of rose gardens, bamboo forests, gentle waves and sunlit pathways colored the sound, texture and feeling tone of the collection of tracks I created. Each one expresses something I felt in that quietude and connection. Recalling visits to the Sequoia National Forest and performing in the forests of Lake Tahoe—both in California—were influences, too,” says Licater.

Whispers from Earth—a collection of 12 tracks including “Peaceful Prayer,” “Redwood Memories” and “Mirror Lake Reflection”—showcases Licater’s distinct artistry on an array of world flutes including Native American, Native American-style, folk and silver alto flutes. Licater serves as executive producer, co-producer, composer, publisher, artist and indie label owner, continuing her foray into world flute-based Contemporary Instrumental and New Age music to soothe the soul, helping listeners find inner peace and well-being.

Music writer Jonathan Widran ( notes, "In many ways, those whispers Ann shares via her Native American style flutes, Native American flutes, folk flute and Mayan-style drone flute sweep through us as the breath of life itself, giving flight to hope and dreams beyond the day to day."

These flute passages for meditation and inspiration were inspired by Licater’s walks in nature—specifically at The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens, in San Marino and stretches of the Pacific Coast in Laguna Beach and Malibu—all in California. She thinks of the album as "a 45-minute inner journey" perfect for a walking meditation, a lunchtime listening escape, or anytime one wants to center one's self.

Whispers from Earth debuted on radio with five tracks on the “Deep Flutes” program (airing 11.11.22) on Hearts of Space, a syndicated radio show that is heard by approximately 200,000 listeners per week on 176 National Public Radio (NPR) stations.

Radio focus tracks for the album include “Peaceful Prayer,” performed on Native American-style flute and available as a free downloadable and early access streaming track on select platforms with a pre-sale offering; and “Luminous Morning” featuring Ann on both grand piano and Native American flute.

Reflects Licater, “I revisited the piano and my love for improvising on it. I perform both instruments in this piece, so this combination will be something new for my listeners. I named it 'Luminous Morning' as it feels so joyful to me—reminiscent of fluttering wings in a garden or sunlight bouncing off of ocean waves."

Returning to co-produce with Licater are GRAMMY®-nominated artist, Peter Phippen, and Ivar Lunde, Jr. who also is the recording, mixing and mastering engineer. Musicians joining Licater on Whispers from Earth include Phippen on Shakuhachi (“Whispers from Earth”) and electric bass and Moyo Drum (“Star Stream Dreamer”); Lunde, Jr. on synthesizer (“Whispers from Earth”); and Troy Arnett on synthesizer [“Following the Call (Horizons)]” a nod to Licater’s debut album, Following the Call.

The new album, akin to Licater’s other releases, is an artful, sonic journey designed for mindfulness practices, meditation, well-being, yoga, spa, healing arts, creativity, study, sleep, and stress reduction.

Track Listing:
1. Whispers from Earth
2. Echoes from a Glass Pond
3. Peaceful Prayer
4. Luminous Morning
5. Red Cedar Calling
6. Star Stream Dreamer
7. Mirror Lake Reflection
8. Initiation (Awakening)
9. Silver Soliloquy
10. Forest Moon Rising
11. Redwood Memories
12. Following the Call (Horizons)

Connect with Ann Licater:

Mixtures 14x05 SouadMassi+Biyong+AsValet+SudanArchives+Omara

Aquesta setmana comencem amb el recent desè disc de la cantant algeriana Souad Massi
i la segona novetat és l'afroelectric de Franck Biyong, la descoberta de la música
electronica d'As Valet des de la Martinique i Guadaloupe, el concert recomanat de
Sudan Archives a l'Apolo i acabem amb un record pel recent aniversari d'Omara
Portuondo que ha fet 92 anys!
 Playlist 01.11.2022

On this week’s programme:

Batida is Angolan/Portuguese DJ-producer Pedro Coquenão.Xaman X are Bristol-based tropical
bass act. Chancha via Circuito is producer and DJ Pedro Canale from Buenos Aires.
Franck Biyong is Cameroonian guitarist and bandleader with a very diverse repertoire.

Ghanaian veteran Gyedu-Blay Ambolley covers some jazz classics in highlife style.
Balimaya Project is a London-based 16-piece supergroup led by Yahael Camara Onono.
Electric Vocuhila are a European quartet mastering several African styles including
Madagascar’s tsapiky. Makaya McCraven is a Chicago-based jazz drummer and bandleader.

Alhaji Wazeri Oshomah is from Edo State in Nigeria, playing Muslim devotional highlife.
Oliver Nayoka, renowned Nigerian guitarist, also plays highlife, in more secular style.
Majid Bekkas, Moroccan guembri and oud player, has a distinguished jazz-fusion career.
Vieux Farka Touré joins forces with US trio Khruangbin to pay a tribute to his
father, Ali.

Lucas Santtana is a singer, musician and producer from Bahia.
Barrio Lindo is folktronica producer Agustin Rivaldo from Buenos Aires.
Sintesis Moderna is a compilation of Argentinian synthesiser sounds from the 1980s.

Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Tuesday November 1st.
The programme goes out every Tuesday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM
and is available live at

1. Batida feat. Ikonaklasta, Octa Push & DJ Dolores: “Sr Mandão”.
2.Batida feat. Lia de Itamaraca & DJ Dolores: “Tem Dor”.Both from
“Neon Colonialismo” (Crammed Discs 2022).
3.Xaman X: “Distraido” (Single on Movimientos).
4.Chancha via Circuito feat. Meridian Brothers: “El pavo real”.
Single from the forthcoming album “” (Wonderwheel).
5.Franck Biyong: “Njombi”. From “Kunde” (Akhetaton Records 2022).
6.Gyedu-Blay Ambolley: “Sankumagye - Love Life”. From “Gyedu-Blay Ambolley
& Hi-Life Jazz” (Agogo 2022).
7.Balimaya Project: “Seasons of Baraka” (Single on Jazz Re:freshed).
8.Electric Vocuhila: “Kiteky”. From “Kiteky” (Another Record/Capsul Records 2022).
9.Makaya McCraven: “In These Times”. From “In These Times” (XL Recordings 2022)
10.Alhaji Wazeri Oshomah: “Forgive Them Oh God Amin - Amin”. From “World
Spirituality Classics 3: The Muslim Highlife of Alhaji Wazeri Oshomah” (Luaka Bop 2022).
11.Oliver Nayoka: “Ego N’achi Uwa”. From “Oka Mmadu” (Palenque Records 2022).
12.Majid Bekkas: “Sahara Tnadi”. From “Joudour” (Igloo Records 2022).
13.Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin: “Tamalla”. From “Ali” (Dead Oceans 2022).
14.Lucas Santtana: “Vamos Ficar Na Terra”. From the forthcoming album “O Paraíso” (No Format).
15.Barrio Lindo: “Espuma de Mar”.
16.Barrio Lindo: “Llegada”. Both from “Espuma de Mar” (Shika Shika 2022).
17.Adalberto Cevasco: “Reencuentros No.2”.
18.Jorge Alfano: “Fuego”.Both from the compilation “Sintesis Moderna” (Soundway 2022).
Celia Berk\'s New Album Features Songwriting Gems from The Great American Songbook Celia Berk, the multi-award winning jazz vocalist based in New York City, just released her much anticipated 3rd studio album, 'Now That I Have Everything.' Celia is known for her covers of hidden songwriting gems and has been praised by some of the most prominent champions of The Great American Songbook. She has attracted listeners from around the world and made memorable appearances at Carnegie Hall, Jazz At Lincoln Center, Birdland Theater, The Town Hall, and the National Arts Club.

Her cover of "Love," words and music by Ralph Blane and Hugh Martin, is the 4th song on 'Now That I Have Everything" and stands out due to her captivating performance and take on the song. It was arrangement by Tedd Firth with Sean Gough and Celia of course provides her fabulous vocals. In the journalist and author Will Friedwald's words, "Celia makes us realize, in a way few singers can, that love is, in fact, never ever the same."

Celia is delicate and deliberate when it comes to her music. She has only respect for the great songwriters that she covers. Her voice is simultaneously grounded and airy, emulating a sense of wonder, passion, and utter joy.

"I very much admire the music of Hugh Martin, whose best-known songs include 'The Trolley Song' and 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,'" says Celia. "His 'I’m The First Girl (In The Second Row, In The Third Scene of the Fourth Number)' – introduced by Nancy Walker in the Broadway show 'Look, Ma, I’m Dancin’!' – is included in my latest cabaret show. And, with singer Rich Flanders, I recorded ISN’T IT ROMANTIC/WASN’T IT ROMANTIC, in which Martin and Marshall Barer wrote a beautiful countermelody intended for Jeanette McDonald to perform as a duet with her younger self singing the Rodgers & Hart classic."

She continues, "Lena Horne introduced LOVE in the 1945 movie 'Ziegfeld Follies.' There are many wonderful recordings by many great interpreters of the Great American Songbook. Tedd took the arrangement Sean and I had developed and gave it a drive propelled by Rex Benincasa’s percussion. There’s a kind of whiplash to the lyrics of this list song. So I experience the way Tedd tagged “never the same” at the end as a kind of collective exhaustion after an impossible effort to nail down just what love can be."

Listen to "Love"

Connect with Celia Berk
Indie Pop Duo Emily + Shawn Reveal Their New Indie Pop Rock Tune Emily + Shawn are the Brooklyn-based modern indie folk duo who's varied interests and a soulful sense of purpose imbue the pair’s adventurous spin on the folk tradition. Their music is an authentic reflection of their lives. Emily + Shawn’s songs are informed by their ethics, their myriad of experiences and interests, and their day to day interactions, which they characterize sweetly as “healthy clashes.”

Today, Emily + Shawn’s are issuing a series a singles that will eventually be bundled together as an EP produced by David Baron (Lumineers, Meghan Trainor, Shawn Mendes). The latest single "Mama Told Me" is a fun pop rock song with a George Michael kind of sound and spirit. It's a playful, flirty track they wrote about trying to get themselves out of a funk.

"We wrote 'Mama Told Me' at a time when we were at a crossroads professionally and personally, and felt a bit lost on our path. We love how the rhythm section drives that sense of urgency while still keeping the song energetic and soulful," share the duo.

Though nostalgia is a lyrical and emotional component to the emily + shawn aesthetic, the duo are pop-savvy fearless songwriters, blowing the dust off stodgy traditional music through integrating fresh genre approaches. emily + shawn have been playfully described as “new age folk-pop,” and the pair swirl together catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, mesmerizing vocal harmony interlace, and unvarnished storytelling. Within this vibrant mix of sounds, emily + shawn recall diverse influences such as Maggie Rogers, Fleetwood Mac, and the Lumineers.

Listen here:

Connect with Emily + Shawn
Welcome to our latest ‘Between The Cracks’. You can read a bit about each album and play
it on the website via the Bandcamp player. As always, please support the artists by
purchasing their music. We hope you enjoy reading and listening!

Franck Biyong – Kunde

Immersing himself in sound all over, the new Frank Biyong album is 360 Reality Audio
meets vintage old-school vibes. His latest album is very different from anything we’ve
heard from Biyong before, and it never quite settles into a consistent rhythm (which
is a good thing). Drawing on King Crimson and Tangerine Dream, this is a Krautrock-inspired
cosmic voyage that binds electronic Afro meditation set against towering synths, a sinister
wall of distortion, hard-hitting rhythms and melodic moods.


Published by CF Smith

224. Nu Jazz Sounds (04/11/22) Discover a whole new world of sound with Ant Bird's weekly foray into the world
of jazz, old and new. From African music to New Orleans Jazz, Swing to Jazz/Funk
fusion and Hip-Hop, this is the show that takes your ears to another
place completely.

Host: DJ Anthony Bird

Featured Album by Franck Biyong - Get it here:

01 - Dominic Voz / Right to the Cirt / Right to the City 1
02 - Ezra Collective / Where I'm Meant to Be / Victory Dance
03 - Flwr Chyld / Luv n Chaos / Foolish
04 - Uji / Time Being / QuemaQuema
05 - Franck Biyong / Kunde:
i) Liyep
ii) Kunde
iii) Hyodot
06 - Karolina / All Rivers / Self Voodoo
07 - Mo Phunk / Seeing Sounds & Hearing Pictures / The Feeling of Sounds
08 - Jana Rush / Dark Humor / Lonely
09 - Cypress Hill / Single / Crossroads
10 - Vieux Farka Toure / Ali / Tongo Barra
Emre Gültekin - Malabika Brahma - Sanjay Khyapa

Emre Gültekin, singer and player of the saz (a long-necked Anatolian lute) unites the sounds of his instrument with the voice and percussion of Malabika Brahma and Sanjay Khyapa originate from India and have become the musical ambassadors of Baul culture. The Bauls, a marginal Indian community from Bengal, are nomadic and are deeply spiritual, seeking the sacred in human beings rather than in heaven.The Bauls share a similar way of life with the Alevites of Turquie, for whom Emre Gültekin, as a modern troubadour, has made himself the spokesman.
In uniting these two cultures and their musical traditions, Baul Meets Saz creates a strangely modern music, at one and the same time powerful and mystical. Since their first encounter this trio has found the unconditional bond of music and friendship which was reflected on their first CD Namaz in 2018.
This October the trio is presenting their second CD Banjara (nomad in Hindi) from Uren Production in tribute to the philosophy shared in two cultures born by nomadic musicians : respect, humility, devotion to humankind and love...

Baul Meets Saz CD release concerts :

22-10-22 : La Louvière, Belgium (BE)
29-10-22 : London Brasserie(BE)
18 - 11- 22 Muziekpublique (BE)
19-11-22 : 32ème Kaléidoscope de la Guitare (BE)
24-11-22 : ZoArt (BE)
29-11-22 : Maison de la Création (BE)
01-12-22 : Salle Ockeghem (FR)
12-12-22 : Festival des musiques sacrées, Mons
15-12-22 : Crix Café (BE)

... More places and dates tbc ...
You want us to play in your place?
More info & Booking :

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Or simply contact us

AP Tobler\'s New EP \'Devoid\' is Their Best Yet AP Tobler writes existential grunge bops with lyrical influence from their own life and experiences with anxiety and depression and musical influence from the likes of Nirvana, Green Day, and Weezer. While they started their musical journey with the Drums via The School of Rock, they started writing and releasing their own music at the age of 14 with their first single "Luvhate" in July 2019.

Since then, they have released 6 additional singles, as well as a 5 song EP. They even sat in as a drummer with the Sweetwater Allstars at Sweetwater Gearfest in 2018 and 2019. AP is currently focusing on releasing new music and live performance; they've shared the stage with Destroy Boys, Madde, Arial View, and Post Sex Nachos.

AP just released their new EP, 'Devoid,' a 4 song collection of grunge and alternative rock songs. Each song encapsulates topics close to them, revealing parts of themselves with grunge poetry. "False Hearted" speaks on broken promises and fake friends, "Claustrophobia" speaks on their feelings of discomfort within their own skin, "Hostage" speaks to the feelings surrounding the cycle of neglect, and "Devoid" encapsulates grief and anguish. The title track "Devoid" was actually inspired by the anime Attack on Titans. "he plotlines of Attack on Titan are intricate and layered, and it’s one of my favorite shows. I was watching a particularly dark episode and felt inspired to write from the perspective of a scout from the Survey Corps watching their fellow soldiers suffer," shares AP. "I included multiple layers and intricate parts to parallel the inspiration for the song."

Listen here:

Connect with AP Tobler
Ariel Arbisser\'s \ “With love comes inevitable pain-- miscommunication, betrayal, heartache, loss... Allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to experience love, however briefly, is brave. And it's worth it in the end," says pop singer/songwriter Ariel Arbisser.

Whether on stage, in the studio, or working with students, Ariel Arbisser leads with love and empathy. Her performances simultaneously make audiences and listeners feel seen, heard, and offer a glimpse into how she experiences the highs and lows of the world. Through her lens as a white, Jewish, queer woman, she is transparent when learning out loud and participates in ongoing conversations about mental health, body neutrality, sex positivity, social and racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and more.

Her most recently released electro pop single "Rabbit Hole" is an inner urge for recklessness but being unable to take the leap into it by yourself and waiting for someone to push you in. It's a follow up song to her previous pop hit "Bloodshed," a song that encourages the acceptance of our inner dark side. "The 'dark side' is still enticing, maybe even more comfortable than it was before. The full song sonically is a true, addictive journey downward," reveals Ariel.

Listen here:

Connect with Ariel Arbisser
AROUND THE WORLD IN 3 HOURS And here are 38 exciting new releases to warm you up in November...

Around The World In 3 Hours is a 3-hour monthly playlist of music from around the
world on Spotify, where you can listen to the most exciting latest releases. World
music. Music from the world. Music from here, there and everywhere. Out there, out
here. From Argentina to Canada, from Alaska to Kiribati, via South Africa, Portugal,
Norway, Russia, New Zealand and everywhere in-between. A world of music without
borders and without ranks, curated by Miguel Santos.

November 2022

01. The Three Seas • Afterlife (Earshift) • Australia, India
02. Dongyang Gozupa (동양고주파) • KYUL (Music&New) • South Korea
03. Guo Gan • Guo Gan 'Swordmen' Trio (Felmay Records) • China, France
04. Amjad Ali Khan, Wu Man • Music For Hope (Zoho music) • India, China
05. Justyna Jablonska, Jyotsna Srikanth • Songs for Cello & Carnatic Violin (Stitch Records) • Poland, India
06. Various Artists • Nostalgique Bollywood (Chansons Mémorables De Films D'amour Et De Dévotion 1939-1959) (Buda Musique) • India
07. Liraz • Roya (Glitterbeat Records) • Iran, Israel
08. Aliaksandr Yasinski • Hlybini (Riverboat Records) • Belarus
09. ENKEL • Love Hurts (Nordic Notes) • Finland
10. Erlend Apneseth • Nova (Hubro) • Norway
11. Björk • Fossora (One Little Independent Records) • Iceland
12. Catherine Graindorge, Iggy Pop • The Dictator (Glitterbeat) • Belgium, USA
13. Francois Robin, Mathias Delplanque • L'Ombre de la Bête (Parenthèses Records) • France
14. Denez • Ur Mor a Zaeloù (Arsenal Productions) • France
15. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros • Joe Strummer 002: The Mescaleros Years (Dark Horse) • England
16. El Búho • Tributaries Vol. 2 (Wonderwheel Recordings) • England
17. Julivert • A Tamarit! (Microscopi) • Spain
18. Arnau Obiols • Mont Cau (Microscopi) • Spain
19. Disstantes • Apocalipto (RastaPunk / EI) • Brazil
20. TIMPANA • Gwandena (Sounds & Colours) • Bolivia
21. Various Artists • 14 Magnificos Bailables (Vampisoul) • Peru
22. Roberto López • Ritual (Curura Musique) • Colombia, Canada
23. Various Artists • Rise Jamaica! Independence Jamaica Special (Trojan Records) • Jamaica
24. ¿Qiensave? • El After (Self-released) • USA
25. Souad Massi • Sequana (Backingtrack Production) • Algeria, France
26. Khaled • Cheb Khaled (Aalia Publishing) • Algeria
27. MINYESHU • NETSA (ARC Music) • Ethiopia
28. Vieux Farka Touré, Khruangbin • Ali (Dead Oceans) • Mali, USA
29. Momi Maiga • Nio (Microscopi) • Senegal
30. Eneida Marta • Fidalgo (Self-released) • Guinea-Bissau, Portugal
31. Ernesto Djédjé • Roi Du Ziglibithy (Analog Africa) • Côte d'Ivoire
32. DOGO du Togo • Dogo Du Togo (Self-released) • Togo
33. Star Feminine Band • In Paris (Born Bad) • Benin
34. EMMA OGOSI • Osinanga (Odogwu Entertainment / Palenque) • Nigeria
35. Franck Biyong • Kunde (Afrolectric / Akhetaton) • Cameroon
36. Batida • Neon Colonialismo (Crammed) • Angola, Portugal
37. Soweto Gospel Choir • Hope (Shanachie) • South Africa
38. Abel Selaocoe • Where Is Home (Hae Ke Kae) (Warner Classics) • South Africa

LISTEN HERE: and click on the heart to follow.
[Télex] Kunde, l’Odyssée afro-électronique de Franck Biyong Kunde, le nouvel album du bassiste et compositeur Franck Biyong, est sorti le 14
octobre dernier, et constitue, comme il le rappelle, une « Afro Electronic Body
Music Odyssey ». « Je veux abattre la barrière qui sépare la musique africaine
du courant dominant. Je veux entrer dans cet espace et apporter assez de saveur
africaine dans le monde du rock n’roll pour créer un son distinctif. » professe
Franck. Le bassiste, d’origine camerounaise et martiniquaise, a par ailleurs
été nominé dans deux catégories – Rock et Jazz – aux Africa Music Awards 2022.

L’album est disponible sur BandCamp :

“Ce nouvel ensemble d’œuvres est une incursion fascinante dans l’ambiance industrielle,
mixée et imaginée exclusivement en 360 Reality Audio, une nouvelle expérience musicale
immersive basée sur la technologie du son spatial.
Kunde ne se perd pas dans les méandres de l’EBM [Electronic Body Music, NDLR], mais
sonne contemporain, sombre, et fait preuve d’une sorte d’artisanat détaillé dans chaque
battement ombrageux. Il rappelle toujours la vieille école, mais il a un côté new age
dans les moments instrumentaux agressifs, puis les expressionnismes ouverts et calmes.

La beauté de cette fleur africaine psychédélique d’innovation musicale ressemble
un peu au style d’improvisation de King Crimson avec une concentration subtile
plus réussie, puis suit des mouvements de fermeture dramatiques inspirés par
les tonalités de voyage cosmique caractéristiques du Krautrock.

Kunde s’appuie sur une méditation électronique afro contre des synthés imposants,
un mur sinistre de distorsion, des rythmes percutants et des ambiances mélodiques…
Un climax spatial lent et apaisant qui vous enverra dans une autre dimension…“.
Rock Fusion Band Siren Release Their New Album \'Beyond the Rainbow\' Siren is the hard rock, blues, jazz, and metal fusion band that initially formed in the 80's and have gone through many iterations over time. After a long hiatus since the band's front man Rob Phillips left the group after their first album release, reformed the group in 2005, releasing new music in 2007 and 2009, they make a triumphant return in 2022 with the release of their new album 'Beyond the Rainbow.'

The band consists of Rob Phillips on lead vocals, Mike Cupino on drums and sound engineering, Chris Bonelli on Bass, Chip Gardner on keyboard/organ, and Todd Grubbs on lead guitar.

'Beyond the Rainbow' is 9 songs that explore the band's limitations and pushes their musical capabilities. The songs on this album are all story based about women and Rob's own experiences, like their previously released single "High Wire," a metaphor for their experience with the music industry.

The overall sound is very much like the Foo Fighters meets Led Zeppelin, though each song brings their own blend of genres. "Lawless Life" embodies an outlaw country and hard rock sound, like Ozzy Osbourne meets Bob Dylan. "Crazy Legs" has an 80's electro-feel to it. "Red Wings" has a hard rock vibe, like an ACDC meets The Rolling Stones. Those are just a few fun examples from the fusion album.

Listen here:

Connect with Siren
EP Casco Duro coming out on November 1st! We are pleased to announce our new release, Casco Duro, coming out on November 1st.

Casco Duro is a unique blend of Jazz, Latin, and Portuguese traditional music played with an unusual combination of instruments (accordion, cavaquinho, and drums).

You will find our new video "O Galo" on youtube:

Stay tuned!
Mula Ruça
Franck Biyong - Kunde Пятая для меня встреча с творчеством камерунского музыканта и композитора
Фрэнка Бийонга. Все обзоры предыдущих его работ можно найти на нашем сайте,
воспользовавшись окошком «поиск» на титульной странице. И я даже рекомендовал
бы это сделать. Возможно, тогда читателю станет понятнее, куда движется Фрэнк,
в каком направлении развивается его творчество.

Если взглянуть на обложку Kunde, то сразу же вспоминаешь альбом Radio Masoda (2021):
оформление другое, но центральный образ: Бийонг, приложивший кассетник к уху – тот же.
Намек на преемственность? Не будем торопиться. Давайте вспомним еще одну прошлогоднюю
работу Фрэнка: Celestial Navigation Suite (2021). Вот тут, если говорить о музыке, а
не об обложке, мы найдем гораздо больше общего с Kunde. В том альбоме царила электроника,
смешанная в разных пропорциях с африканскими ритмами, Фрэнк практически не пел, а
стилистика музыки пролегала в границах между прог-роком и эмбиентом.
Что же мы наблюдаем в Kunde?

Альбом записывался в два приема во французских и камерунских студиях. Чуть более
сорока минут звучания – пять треков, достаточно длинных, большинство – в районе
десяти минут звучания. По сравнению и с Radio Masoda, и с Celestial Navigation Suite –
резко уменьшившийся состав исполнителей. В Kunde задействован только квартет исполнителей,
включая самого Бийонга. Из знакомых по прежним записям имен назову только Джануно Дабо.
По-прежнему много электроники, сэмплов, разнообразных эффектов. Пресс-релиз, изданный к
выпуску Kunde , начинается броской фразой : «…электрическая Африка встречается с
краут-роком…». И вот тут, прослушав альбом, начинаешь с ней спорить. Могу ошибаться,
не будучи глубоким знатоком африканской музыки, но мне показалось, что характерные,
дежурные, так сказать, проявления африканской ритмики и мелоса в целом, еще имевшие
место в Celestial Navigation Suite, здесь Фрэнк Бийонг полностью исключил. В этом
смысле, опять-таки на мой взгляд, Kunde практически лишен этнических признаков.
Такая музыка могла с равным успехом появиться и в Камеруне, и в Исландии, и в Чили.
И общая база здесь – электроника. Так что, упоминание краут-рока в пресс-релизе имеет
смысл. Да, музыка Kunde временами напоминает Kraftwerk и Tangerine Dream, но в ней
можно услышать и психоделическо-космические моменты, близкие ранним Pink Floyd и
King Crimson и даже, в варианте light, Дидье Маруани и Space. Особенно это характерно
для первой части стартовой композиции Liyep, а самой энергетически насыщенной
я назвал бы Tingsoba.

В целом я охарактеризовал бы Kunde, как зрелую и весьма убедительную работу в области
электронного прог-рока, хотя содержание музыки Бийонга глубже такого ярлычка. Меня не
удивляет тот факт, что Бийонг номинирован на африканскую премию Afrima Award 2022 года
в номинации «лучший дуэт или группа», как в области рока, так и в области джаза. Фрэнк
вполне конкурентоспособен в обеих этих сферах.
Freeform from the bunker 10/21 Freeform from the bunker 10/21 Fri Oct 21 with sean westergaard
on WCBN-FM Ann Arbor -

WCBN is the University of Michigan's student-run freeform radio
station. We broadcast at 88.3 FM to Washtenaw County and surrounding
communities from the basement of the Student Activities Building.


* Ground Zero ‘A Better Tomorrow / I Say a Little Prayer’
* Ken Vandermark/ Audio One ‘theme de yoyo’
* Marc Ducret ‘total machine’
* Frank Zappa ‘The Grand Wazoo’
* Ground Zero ‘El Derecho De Vivir En Paz / Shinoshin 3/4′
* TGB ‘knife to meet you’
* Franck Biyong ‘Njombi’
* Tangerine ‘Dream Movements of a Visionary’
* Jean-Michel Jarre ‘Ethnicolor’
* The Electric Moog Orchestra ‘Imperial Attack’
* Psychedelic Porn Crumpets ‘Found God in a Tomato’
* Vertacyn Arc Materializer ‘The Majesty of Rock’
* The Flaming Lips ‘Begs and Achin’
* Built to Spill ‘Fool's Gold’
* Pink Floyd ‘Echoes’
* Øresund Space Collective ‘Pixie Dust’
* Bow Wow Wow ‘I Want Candy’
* Talking Heads ‘Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)’
* The Golden Palominos ‘I.D’
* D.N.A. ‘egomaniac's kiss”
* Monks of Doom ‘Save Me from Myself’
Poetry, and perhaps music too, never needs to explain itself. Can it explain itself? Why should it explain itself!? It just is. Music has many historic traditions, but the art of listening can begin in the world where you are right now. New sounds are being invented, and clocks are ticking, and I merely opine, as one does from time to time. Here are nine tracks, the spirit here is restless and explores or amplifies (distorts?) a wide and changing range of strange clues. The story is layered and complex too. What I find are strange sounds to listen to and that is what I like most. You might say that “odd things to listen to” describes a whole musical genre, but this project is different, it is the strange one in a population of many random contrarians and individualists. The pursuit of music is often playful and imaginative, daring and expositional. This is time spent listening carefully because it is interesting and I want to hear it all, or I might miss something.

What the heck is this sound? (I want more) It is not for exercising to, but it does work as a complex background, in an abstract way. Time is flowing differently sometimes. It is maybe something like experimental jazz or rock or playtime or dance or some time to just quietly sit and listen. There is plenty to listen to. Electronics with harps and flutes and bells and all manner of percussion. Cool sounds. Something to try to focus on as you wait for the daylight.

On the other hand, it does also work as a slow acting soporific, and as a satisfying form of sonic wallpaper. What I hear is a celebration of the individual and a creed of nonconformism, exercising every freedom of choice, giving limitless value to individual dignity, personal love, and creative effort. Perhaps this music is about examining the individual’s knowledge and perception of reality, as well as the individual’s relationship to society, the universe, and God, I am crazy about this, so I am unreliable and hopelessly prejudiced on this matter.What I love are elemental collages exercising granular control of the content, that gets me every time. I want to wonder, is this some kind of a science-fiction thing? Is there a philosophical connection between surrealism in art and existentialism? What would that sound like?

Desensitized is the collaborative project of Deborah Martin and Dean De Benedictis.

Whether collaborating with other artists or working on her own projects, Deborah Martin has been inspiring listeners with her graceful musical journeys on the Spotted Peccary label since 1994. Often powerfully deep, and occasionally playful and carefree, Deborah’s music is always rich and simply beautiful, offering crystal clear visions and magically compelling voyages through an inner realm of ethereal visions, ancestral legends, and timeless places.

Recording under his own name, as well as the alias “Surface 10”, Southern California based composer and electronic musician Dean De Benedictis has been exploring all corners of the ambient music genre since 1996. Dean’s interest in a variety of styles and cultures enriches the quality of his musical expression as he searches for common threads within the fabric of differing genres, drawing from them a natural sense of emotion, expanse and mystery.

Together as Desensitized, the two artists share a common vision to partake in the sublime retreat of sonic beauty, transitioning between elements of the natural world and auspices of modern technology.

Inspired by the mysteries of the afterlife, Chaos In Premonition takes listeners back to the fantastical realms that was recorded live in the studio together, forming nine original pieces from edited improvisations with acoustic instrumentation such as clay ocarinas, flutes and Tibetan bowls and a variety of digital and analog synthesizers. The album is available worldwide today in CD and digital formats: 24-Bit Audiophile, CD Quality Lossless, MP3 downloads, or streaming on the platform of your choice:

“The title ‘Chaos In Premonition’ was cast upon the realization of uniting our intuitive natures during the collaborative process; evolving out of the 'chaos' of thoughts transforming our collective ideas into their compositional form," Martin says, going on to describe the joy of collaboration as discovery; as each artist brings their own unique identity, how their compositional styles will blend is a mystery until uncovered. She continues: “That is what I find most exciting, the endless potential and possibility.”

The title track “Chaos In Premonition” begins in quiet vastness and rises to a bewildering crescendo, then fades to an ethereal chorus. Percussive chimes like raindrops in a cavern rise slowly from shadowy depths, evoking the cosmic. From there, the piece builds a sonic mosaic of skittering breakbeats, glitched fragments and glimmering arpeggiations: the birth of a world from quietude. On “Abundant Time” counter-rhythmic clock samples and heartbeats ebb and flow around sinuous drones and gently plucked strings. The two artists employ a rich amalgamation of acoustic and electronic elements throughout the work. With “Immortals And Their Graves,” De Benedictis’ Mayahachi flute moves from calm lulls to sweeping trills to rhythmic stutterings and back again, capturing in its amorphousness the peaks and valleys of a life. Even vocal elements appear in the finale “Sleep Of Innocence” which finds Martin and De Benedictis harmonizing over celestial chimes, an otherworldly lullaby.

On Chaos In Premonition, the accomplished duo weave the ancient and futuristic into an otherworldly tapestry all their own. From asynchronous perspectives comes sonic synchronicity. De Benedictis says “the essence and originality of Desensitized lies in how Deborah and I are so different.”

Martin adds "Growth as an artist requires getting out of your comfort zone; to push boundaries to see what the potential outcome could become. Chaos In Premonition was such a project - this collaboration became an adventure to reach beyond past projects, exploring the nature of the sounds and recordings, taking the leap to create a new theme as an expansion from the Hemispherica Portalis (Portal of 1000 Years) release, a pathway leading from there with a much deeper and introspective journey."

Chaos in Premonition is an album that invites contradictions and makes peace with them, thanks to the masterful approach of its creators.

Spotted Peccary Music will live stream the album throughout the day on SPMLive:

1 Ionic Realms [Victronomy Plubonius] 4:52
2 Abundant Time [Stemiostratamos] 4:46
3 Chaos In Premonition [Firestimo Mutato] 8:54
4 Deep Chasm [Subliminostrum] 10:40
5 Mutations Of The Highest Order [MOTHO] 8:47
6 Logic Of Expression [Praetoreum] 5:39
7 Immortals And Their Graves [Sacriligonus] 7:38
8 Crevices In Dark Places [Anexplicora] 7:12
9 Sleep Of Innocence [Embulata] 4:52

  Franck Biyong - Kunde - guitarist’s new “Afro Electronic Body Music Odyssey” “Franck Biyong’s new body of work is a fascinating foray
into industrial ambiance mixed and imagined exclusively
in 360 Reality Audio, a new immersive music experience
driven by spatial sound technology.

KUNDE does not get lost in the EBM barrel but sounds
contemporary, dark, and displaying a detailed kind of
craftsmanship in each shadowy beat thump. It is still
reminiscent of old school, yet it has a new age-sounding
edge in the aggressive instrumental moments and then
the open and calm expressionisms.

This African psychedelic flower of musical innovation’s
beauty resembles some of King Crimson’s improvisation
style with more successful subtle focus, and then follows
dramatic closure movements inspired by Krautrock’s
trademark cosmic voyage-like tones.

KUNDE relies on electronic Afro meditation set against
towering synths, a sinister wall of distortion, hard-hitting
rhythms and melodic moods…A slow soothing space
climax that will send you off into another dimension…”

Vox & Percussion - Djanuno Dabo
Bass & Keyboards - Louis Sommer
Keyboards, Beats & Laptop - Benjamin Lafont
Guitars, Keyboards & Samples - FB
GLOBAL A GO-GO - Charts October 10-16, 2022 - WRIR 97.3 FM Global A Go-Go originates in the studios of WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Independent
Radio in Richmond, Virginia, USA, from which it is usually broadcast live
every Sunday from 1 to 3 PM Eastern time. You're looking at WRIR's Studio A,
my home for two hours every week.

WRIR World's NACC Top Ten
1 LA FEMME | Teatro Lucido | Disque Pointu/IDOL
2 DUNGEN | En År För Mycket Och Tusen Aldrig Nog | Mexican Summer
3 DERYA YILDIRIM AND GRUP SIMSEK | Dost 2 | Bongo Joe/Catapulte
4 STAR FEMININE BAND | Star Feminine Band In Paris | Born Bad
5 LATIN BROTHERS, THE | El Picotero | Vampisoul
6 EL COMBO BATANGA | "El Que La Rompe La Paga" [Single] | Lovemonk
7 HAMSI BOUBEKER | Le Chant Des Profondeurs | Frederiksberg
8 RAY PEREZ Y EL GRUPO CASABE | Ray Perez Y El Grupo Casabe | El Palmas
9 LOS DEMENTES | Manicomio A Locha | Vampisoul
10 AFROSOUND OF COLOMBIA VOL. 3, THE | various artists | Vampisoul

WRIR World's NACC Adds
1 GYEDU-BLAY AMBOLLEY | Gyedu-Blay Ambolley And Hi-Life Jazz | Agogo
2 BATIDA | Neon Colonialismo | Crammed
3 FRANCK BIYONG | Kunde | Afrolectric/Akhetaton
4 KIMI DJABATE | "Alidonke" [Single] | Cumbancha
5 FLOR DE TOLOACHE | "Una Vida Y Otra Mas" [Single] | ADA
6 GHOST FUNK ORCHESTRA | A New Kind Of Love | Colemine/Karma Chief
7 KHALED | Cheb Khaled | Aalia Publishing
8 KWABNA | House Of Jah [EP] | Triple L
10 SHOTNEZ | Dose A Nova | Batov
Kunde En 2022, Franck Biyong sort « Kunde », un album électro/afro-électro
nominé aux Afrima Awards, dans la catégorie Rock & Jazz.

Franck Biyong

Né le 3 décembre 1973 à Yaoundé, au Cameroun, Franck Biyong est un
auteur-compositeur, guitariste, bassiste, pianiste, claviériste et
interprète. Il a lancé son propre style baptisé « Afrolectric Sound »,
fusion de rythmes camerounais, d’afrobeat, d’électro, de funk,
de soul, de jazz et de rock.

Article by Nago Seck
Franck Biyong-Kunde | Spatial sauna

Franck Biyong can make a psychedelic paradise with very little. His fingers have a sorcery in their fingertips-and he’s a master around the sounds he chooses for us to hear. His new album, Kunde, brings this electronic paradise to us. Let’s see what kind of world he fabricates for us.

Liyep opens this beautiful album. We dive into this realm of quasi-world music, it is a touch and go at moments. With synth soundscapes that envelope the being of the song, gentle percussions help move along the story. Franck Biyong tells the tale through swells and characteristic undulations in the lead. There is little to distract, and the spatial ambience is a psychedelic thrill.

Njombi picks up a quicker pace by percussion. Biyong still ushers in the audio and spatial surround on his own, much slower with a funky guitar almost vocalizing the narrative, The sounds overlap and there is phasing that creates the unique, ambiguous sound. The electronic beats enter almost on cue, after this rich build-up. A definite dance track, there are a lot of frills and groovy elements entering the dance floor with you.
Dance Neurotica

Hyodot tries to change the direction of the overall sound, making a meditative attempt at looking at the sound. There are string and synth elements confluence like the sea and river. They merge, as this massive body of water-carrying different thematic sounds with them. The guitar parts are resonant of a very particular and unique style of sound. Tingsoba is an electronic wonderland, with a lot of experimental sounds and deep, creative overlapping going on. The sound builds to an energetic, Kenyan beat that is rich in character and sound. By the time the electronica throne enters, the sound is something else.

The title track is a 10-minute epic. It shuffles through varieties of sound and dance, between instruments and ideas. It is a rewarding experience, plotting a course through some complex waters. The sound overall is an enjoyable, learning experience for someone who really delves into the realm of world music.

Franck Biyong brings his nation to us with Kunde. It is a manifestation of a new kind of sound, by an excited and complex artist. It reaches layers and ideas that wouldn’t work otherwise-this erratic nature that reflects life. This is the sound you need to be listening to. The album was mixed using 360 Reality Audio immersive systems which you’ll hear throughout the album. The album was inspired by legendary Krautrock bands such as Tangerine Dream, Harmonia and Ash Ra Tempel- something that lead to the making of this miracle.
The Selenites Band \
The Selenites Band \
Yutao\'s \ Bedroom indie-pop artist Yutao Huang never felt at ease in China where he was born—he always longed for ideals he felt were embodied by Western culture. When he finally came to the States, he tried to stay true to his tradition, and infused his native Eastern culture with Western culture. Slowly, the pair of seemingly very different ideals melded into a personal outlook for Yutao reflected in his delicately gorgeous, electro-pop.

The California-based artist just released his second single "Overloaded," a dream pop and lo-fi song about the choices we make in our daily lives. He uses the metaphor of a hugging robot to showcase this idea. The robot experiences human emotions, but its system is not built for it. So the robot has two choices: reboot the system, or the system will get overloaded. As the music video shows, he choses the ladder.

Sometimes we all get stuck in the same routine, complaining that nothing will ever change. If you want a different outcome, you might have to break the cycle like a robot, even though it's risky and the journey will be turbulent. But it's the first step for the change.

“What inspires me in this story is you only get to live once,” shares Yutao. “So do you keep doing the same routine over and over like a robot or trying to take a different route even though it has a high chance of failure? This story reflects my current choice, giving up the architecture job and pursuing music full-time.”

Listen here:

Watch here:
The Selenites Band @ LeSTROF, Brussels on October 28, 2022 "BEHIND THE MASK"
2nd album of the French group of Ethiojazz THE SELENITES BAND. French musical collective gathered around by the artist and musician Obi Riddim, it plays an original music anchored between the Ethiopian musical traditions, the psychic grooves of Afrojazz and the Kraütrock.
A first album released in 2019 on the labels STEREOPHONK (France) and P-VINE RECORDS (Japan), THE SELENITES BAND are back with a new recording.
After playing the “classics” of Mulatu Astatke or Girma Beyene, the musicians offers us 9 new songs. Original compositions where we find the melodies and rhythms of the Ethiopian music of “Swinging Addis” mixed with their influences, kraütrock, psychedelic music and afrojazz. An atmosphere of trance with Ethiopian kiñits, tracks that invite you to travel and explore. Recorded during the pandemic, between two confinements and successive curfews, in a vital impetus, this album sounds the gross need to create.
The record is released in vinyl edition on the STEREOPHONK label in standard edition and in limited edition with an alternative screen-printed cover.
Stereophonk is a French label, directed by Dj Martin, who releases records out of passion, following his heart: Estonian Funk jazz which explodes everything (Estrada Orchestra),
Funk, do you want some here, played in the biggest events world Breakdance (Funky Bijou) but also thrilling Bollywood-inspired music (Lord Paramour).
UBUNTU ALBUM by Brity Yonly now out on all social platforms The Award winning Musician and Actress from Zimbabwe,Brity Yonly,released a 10 track album titled UBUNTU.The album features songs like MARUVA ANGU,UBUNTU,VANA,MABIKO,MUTOMATO,ZIMBABWE,MUREGE AENDE,TAKAZODZWA,USACHEUKE and TOTENDA.
The China based Artist addressed so many issues in this soothing Album.Stream it on Spotify ,YouTube,Deezer,Tiktok and Apple Music.
"It's been an amazing life! Hi, I'm Ed Bazel, and I am a pianist, and I am originally from Huntington, West Virginia. I grew up in a household with an older sister. The first thing I remember is my older sister taking piano lessons."

Ed was speaking with my colleague Karissa Love recently, just a few weeks before the strings and percussion tracks were added to his dream-come-true project, making a recording of his own music at Abbey Road Studios. The full album title is The London Sessions, Reflections from Studio 2 and will be available starting on October 7, 2022. The album has twelve tracks, painting pictures of the soul that you can't see but you can hear. Ed Bazel is a true instrumentalist. He is not an extravagant performer, he is simply The pianist. His delivery is quite remarkable, he has a natural way of conveying relaxed comfort, this is how you settle the woes of the day.

The opener is an elegant, uplifting and sunny tune titled “Morning Glory” (2:18). Imagine the morning light playing on delicate vines festooned with blue cone-shaped flowers, which seem to say, "This is where I should be, in my life, right now."

Ed has an interesting life, the piano is a strong theme throughout. More recently he started a project called The River of Calm, music to soothe your soul, beginning as an experiment presenting streaming calm music, with his friend Eric Bikales. They gradually added more calm composers, now there are over 200 artists featured. In addition to helping so many artists get their music out, they have a special project, partnering with Alive Inside, who provides special headphones. Alive Inside are well known for their groundbreaking work in New York, taking headphones to dementia patients, and gently putting them on with the music from their childhood and highschool days playing and watching them wake up. The partnership with Alive Inside connects using their specially designed proprietary headphones combined with the music from the artists on The River of Calm, and they are donating them to chemotherapy centers.

"We have a pilot project we are just finishing here in the Nashville area," Ed says. "If we as musicians can in some way at least take away the surrealness of the chemotherapy with calming music, that is our highest and best calling as musicians, I firmly believe that. So I am very proud of The River of Calm, the music that's on 24 hours a day, and in those headphones for chemotherapy centers, which is starting to go big! I am just thrilled about that."

Let's go back to the beginning. Ed tells his story to Karissa:

K: How did you get started?

Ed: The first thing I remember is my older sister taking piano lessons. I would ride with my mom (taking my sister to her lessons), and then I think she also enrolled me in piano lessons because she was very smart, she was thinking, "If I drop both kids off I will have an HOUR to myself!" So that is how I got into piano.

I was forced to take lessons for eleven years, I was dragged to piano lessons, kicking and screaming and hated it! But it worked out in such a beautiful story, I never could have imagined that my life would turn out this way, and frankly, those piano lessons turned out to be the best gift my parents gave me.

I have always had a love for music. I found myself having a band in Jr. High, a pretty popular band in high school, a band in college. I went to Marshall University and have a business degree, and then I went to University of Kentucky with a computer programming degree. And then I told my mom and dad, "Guess what mom and dad, I am going to play the piano for a living!"

They were like (strangling gesture, hands on throat) "YOU'RE GONNA WHAT?"

And I said, "Yes I am!"

I think it was my way to get back at them for forcing me to take those lessons. I was a pianist for two decades in Huntington, West Virginia, and Lexington, Kentucky, and out in Los Angeles, and I just have always loved music and have been a pianist since the age of five when I started those lessons.

After I became a pianist I became an agent, out in LA, I was an agent for some nationally known acts, and then I developed my own company where we produce concerts for corporations and I have had the bookings from the Great Wall of China to the US Ambassador to the Vatican in Rome, for clients like AT&T, Google, Fidelity...

Just an amazing run, although my mom still wants me to have a real job. When I was a professional pianist, she wanted me to have a real job. I finally got my mom on my side, I would send her pictures of me with Jay Leno, or backstage with Bo Derrick, and she would take them to the beauty shop, and things would be okay.

But she would still say, "You need to get a real job."

And then one day, I had an event with Frankie Valli, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, the Jersey Boys guys, (he holds up a picture, Ed and Frankie, with a hand-lettered sign, "You're just too good to be true Irene Olga Mary") and that broke the curse! She has loved it ever since.

I used to be the house pianist at the Beverly Hills Country Club, the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel, and in each of those places, that boils down to somebody coming up asking two questions, and me saying "Of course I can play 'Misty,' and the restroom is that way." That is the down side of the job.

The beautiful side of the job, I was able to play piano for a living!

K: What are some of the things you remember about getting started?

Ed: Throughout the years I have been a pianist in some wonderful locations, beautiful places, and met so many people, one of the strangest ones was one time I was working in a French restaurant called Michael's in my hometown, my first gig, and it was the high end restaurant in town, and it was about ten until eleven at night, almost closing time, and in walks Rod Stewart and his band, they had just finished a concert at the civic center downtown, and it was just Rod Stewart and his band and me in this little tiny restaurant, with me playing the piano, I was terrified! That was scary.

We can fast-forward to when I was a pianist out in LA, of which by the way I was named the best pianist in downtown LA by a downtown magazine, I was the house pianist at the Sheraton Universal, which is at Universal Studios, so I am playing away and who walks up but LL Cool J, and I have got to take my hat off to him, he was such a fan of these old classic standards I was playing, He was gettin' into it, leaning on the piano, he is saying "Man, I need to take you home with me to add atmosphere to my night time!"

I have had so many wonderful experiences as a pianist, and felt so lucky to play with my hands and my soul and make a living that way, and now I feel like I am back and able to do this once again, and I will keep on the theme of I am the luckiest man in the world.

K: When did you first hear the Beatles?

Ed: I remember it was a Sunday, I was seven years old, my sister was agitated, big time, excited about something. We gathered in the living room with my sister and my mom and dad for the Ed Sullivan Show. I watched the Beatles come out, and just slay the audience, they just KILLED them! All these girls screaming, it was just a profound effect, and that was my first introduction to The Beatles.

My dad and my sister were the first musical influences in my life, my mom did all the heavy lifting by driving me to the piano lessons. We would have, in the house, Beatles albums playing, of course my mom and dad would have Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Carole King, wonderful influences, so I have always been around music, and always known the legacy of the Beatles, which is huge, for all of us.

I have loved the Beatles since I was a child, there are songs and melodies that are just wonderful, they are fabrics in the threads of our lives. I have always admired that and I have enjoyed playing their songs as a pianist for decades I have done this. They have been an influence on me, I have also been influenced by the standards, "Misty," "Someone to Watch Over Me," "Moonlight in Vermont," something that most people today won't remember, but if I go to play while visiting in a nursing home, they will remember, because that is from back then. Those songs were structured so well, based on beautiful melodies.

K: How do you get to Abbey Road?

Ed: My experience with Abbey Road was beyond goosebump heaven. I remember walking up to the gates and thinking, WOW this is the place. I have been to a lot of cool places in my life, but this one was like, "Oh wow! This is where it happened!"

I was beyond thrilled to record my upcoming solo piano CD at Abbey Road Studios, not just at Abbey Road Studios, but Studio 2 where the Beatles recorded, how cool is that?!

You walk through the gates and up the stairs, those are the famous stairs where the Beatles sat on. So many people have traveled through there, walk in the front door, the front desk greets you, "Oh yes, studio 2 is down the hallway, to the right."

"Of course, yes!"

We go down the hallway, we go into Studio 2's control room, I am like OH GOSH there is the window overlooking the studio where the Beatles looked out...

This is so cool! The microphones, you should see the microphones!

Pink Floyd, Adelle, Ed Sheeran, all these people have been there. There is a door between the control room and the glass panel out to the studio, and it leads to a stairwell and once I opened that door... it was palpable, the feeling, of opening that door, breathing in that smell. It smelled like a high school auditorium, perfect, just perfect, breathing in the vibrations of that room, it meant so much to me, walking down those stairs, thinking how many greats have walked down those stairs, and then, to look in this big huge studio and see this Steinway concert grand piano they set up for me in the exact footprint on that back left corner of the studio where the Beatles set up for their recordings.

And I am like, "Oh my God this is incredible!"

Once we started recording, we had numerous songs to record, everyone else on my team was up the stairs in the control room. The lights were low, it was just me and that Steinway Concert Grand, and I am playing my compositions, thinking "How did I get here? A guy from Huntington, West Virginia, now recording in the same place that the Beatles recorded!"

It was prolific, I can't stress that enough.

When this whole recording session was over, it was two days, ten hour sessions a day, I made sure nobody was in the studio except me. I took my hands off the keys, I walked to the back wall, and I put my hands on the wall. My eyes started tearing up.

It means that much to me, as a lifelong music professional, both as a player, as an agent meeting my favorite heros in the world. I am thanking heaven and my parents above, they're long gone, but I wore my dad's cufflinks, so that I could carry on and he would in that way be a part of that.

Prolific is an understatement. Put it this way, of all the high points that were there, the lowest of the high points (no offense) next door there were a couple body guards outside of Studio 3 I thought, "Who's that?"

It turns out Taylor Swift was recording next door. That pales in comparison to what I was feeling and doing and connecting, and frankly, this might sound very self involved, that's not who I am. I really felt, playing my songs and recording, I belong there, I felt, in life, this is where I belong. I am beyond thankful for having this opportunity.

K: Was all of the music you recorded at Abbey Road your own original compositions?

Ed: I also recorded a couple of Beatles cover tunes, that was almost like an homage to the walls of Abbey Road Studios, it's an offering. We recorded almost twenty pieces in the two days, and so by day two, I was waiting to do the cover tunes at the end. My hands were starting to feel the wear of two days of ten hour sessions per day.

I was able to record both "Yesterday" and "In My Life," I love those songs.

I didn't get to "Until there was You" the Beatles covered that tune, it is from The Music Man. They covered it and I have loved that tune, as a player I played that tune ten thousand times when I was making a living as a pianist.

For recording "Yesterday," it came to me the day before, how to arrange Yesterday with a thundering left hand. By the way Steinways are great for the thundering base notes. It was great to put that out and just lose myself in the piece.

I did not try to make it (sings and beats time) "Yesterday..." nothing like that, it's very thoughtful and romantic, it was surreal. That is the best way I can describe it, me, playing their song, in the exact same footprint of the studio. What is a guy from Huntington, West Virginia, doing? I feel like the luckiest man in the world!

And then it came to "In My Life," I love that song, love that song. It was done in one take, that was it, I played it and good night, that was good, that is when I stopped, took my hands off the keys, and laid them on the wall, with tears in my eyes.

This brings out emotions of my long history with my family of music, the Beatles, and being a kid, seeing that magic. Knowing how wonderful music is, it paints pictures of the soul that you can't see but you can hear. I am the luckiest man in the world to be able to do this.

K: How do you go about creating your music?

Ed: The way I compose is, I hear melodies in my head all the time. All The Time.

I get to a piano and I use my iPhone and I record for myself a note, sometimes just a thought, a notion, sometimes a whole piece. I went through 223 different song ideas and notes, boiled them down to just enough. This took a year, this past year I did this. In the last six months I practiced twice a day, two hours a day, to get to the point to go there. The best I can describe is laying my hands on the beautiful Steinway, perfectly tuned. I remember laying my hands there, playing effortlessly. I feel so lucky to be at that point, when many people struggle, and I used to struggle to play.

Effortlessly! It was, at the risk of sounding woo-woo, it was a spiritual experience for me. I was able to let out my emotions. My music is thoughtful romantic melodic, it is not machine gun piano (which is nothing wrong with that) so it is very emotional, the spaces in between convey emotions and depth, it came out!

I was so pleased with how this turned out. We are now still working on the instrumentation we are adding to some of the pieces, other pieces stand on their own, just solo piano pieces.

Somebody once asked me if I am a performer. I am not a performer, I am the pianist is what I am, I am an instrumentalist. That is how I can best express what is inside of me, through the melodies and the feelings. I am not a showman, I am not flarey and you know, big runs up the board and all that, that is not me, the songs are simple but elegant.

I hope our listeners enjoy it, I really do.

K: What are some of the difficulties you have had to overcome?

Ed: Anxiety and stage fright as a performer and instrumentalist is very real, I know I've had it. For me, personally, when I was recording my first CD I was a frightened pianist, worried about what others think, it was very real and caused me to not be as flowing.

For the Abbey Road, it can be intimidating but I've got to tell you, I went there fearlessly, absolutely fearless. I practiced for a year, I've played for 10,000 hours at least, and I figure if not me, then who?

I went there with such confidence, it was such a joy to play effortlessly, and I am very lucky to be on that spectrum because learning to play the piano with 88 keys, with three pedals, and so many millions of note choices is difficult, and I have just been at it long enough to be able to do this, so I was thrilled but again, stage fright is very real because you are worried about what other people think, which has been a theme of my life but I am finally getting out of that theme.

K: You have played the piano for so many years, night after night, is recording a CD something very different from playing live, in front of an audience?

Ed: This will be my third piano CD, I have two others. I was a pianist for many years and I have been in the concert industry, and done really well, but there was something that was calling me back to the piano.

I thought, I want to record a CD because I have songs that have been in my head since I was a player, so I composed a CD called Bella Piano, which in Italian means beautiful piano, in my mind means, a scared pianist at this first recording session.

I went from the Clavinova to the Yamaha C7 which is under microphones, so I called this the scared pianist CD, it was like going from a Toyota Camery to a Ferrari. My songs were, in theory, good, but they were a bit tight, in my opinion, but I did solve that problem. After that I bought my own Yamana C7 Concert Grand Piano (gestures at the piano behind him), is this not the best dining room furniture? I am now very attuned to the touch and feel of an acoustic Grand Piano.

K: How did that first recording session go?

Ed: I went to the Tracking Room in Nashville, they have a wonderful Yamaha C7. The first time I recorded an album, and it was like, I practiced for years on a Yamaha Clavinova, which is an electric keyboard with weighted action, because I was in the booking industry I didn't have time to be a pianist.

I recorded my second CD, Homecoming, in 2021 right here in my dining room during COVID. The recording engineer Alex Carter did a wonderful job for us, and I have had some good success with that too.

K: How did your online radio station, The River of Calm, come about?

Ed: Getting back to playing a few years ago really calmed my soul, and I thought, maybe there is a way I could get my music heard. I have a friend of mine, Eric Bikales, who was Neil Sedaka's pianist, he's got a wonderful CD, so I thought, why don't I start an online radio station, I worked in a radio station before, so I called it The River of Calm, music to soothe your soul.

It started out with just me and Eric on there, and I thought, "that's fine." At most we had five listeners, and I thought "that's cool, that's fine with me."

I think that many more people are looking for a calming influence in their life, and The River of Calm now has grown from just Eric's and my own music, to over 221 independent artists and we're heard in countries all around the world! It is stunning how The River of Calm has grown!

In addition to helping so many artists get their music out, there is a very special collaborative arrangement, we have partnered with Alive Inside. We have a pilot project we are just finishing here in the Nashville area. If I had more volunteers to help, we could get these headphones out to many more chemotherapy centers.

K: What is it about providing music for use with chemotherapy that attracts you?

Ed: My family has a history, my dad had leukemia, my mom breast cancer, my sister passed from breast cancer, this is very much a part of who I am, to help. I'll tell you how much, even thirty years ago when my dad had leukemia, I organized a bicycle ride to raise money from the City of Hope. It started at the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles and it ended at the St. John's Pier in St. Augustine, Florida. That was three thousand miles on a bicycle. I could not help my dad, but I could raise money to help treat cancer.

Back to the headphones, if we as musicians can in some way at least take away the surrealness of the chemotherapy with calming music, that is our highest and best calling as musicians, I firmly believe that. So I am very proud of The River of Calm, what it does with articles on music and health, the music that's on 24 hours a day, and in these headphones for chemotherapy centers, which is starting to go big, I am just thrilled about that, and I have my songs on The River of Calm too, so that works also for me.

If you want to help us, we welcome that too, for the processing of the headphones and getting them out, or identify chemotherapy centers that we can donate to. This is a grassroots effort, the more help we can get the more we can help others on that. For The River of Calm and the music on there, we are very selective and we want to make sure we provide a great strong programming that fits our vibe.

If you are an artist, looking for your music on The River of Calm, just email us, you can email me, with your MP3 links, we'll go from there. There is no huge organization, no large office building with tons of people to go through, we are a very grassroots effort, it's me and our interns, so feel free!

At The River of Calm we are always looking for calming music that fits our formatting, if you are an artist and are looking to have your music on The River of Calm, simply email me, and we will take a look at your music, and point you in the right direction, thank you.

K: What is the work you do with The Bazel Group?

Ed: I feel like the luckiest guy in the world, my booking company, The Bazel Group, we've provided celebrity concerts for corporations around the world, we've worked with Bad Company, Foreigner, Huey Lewis and the News, I have been lucky enough to serve as president and lifetime member of IEBA, which is the International Entertainment Buyers Association, and also president and lifetime member of NATD, the National Association of Talent Directors, it's been a great run, and as you can see, music is such a passion in my life.

I have found that working with concert artists, they might be gifted with multimillion dollar hits, but some of them are just not gifted with the Meet and Greet! I feel like I am half artist and half business person.

K: What would you care to share about how you manage your creative process?

Ed: You know, the creative process is different for each and every one.

I admire the people who can sit down and in five minutes write a hit song, I also admire fellow pianists who can record and make things up on the spot and have a complete album or two out of it.

That is not my particular style.

My style is, as I said, I hear music in my head probably 90% of my waking hours and 90% of my sleeping hours too. I hear melodies, specific melodies, all the time, and so the question is, how do I capture those? If I am near a piano I try to work out a theme, and then my trusty iPhone is recording an audio note at all times, so I end up having numerous themes, numerous sections, it just doesn't stop, I thought after Abbey Road it would stop, but the melodies are still in my head, and I guess I am lucky to have that.

So, with that I have a theme now on my phone, and now I have to put them in a spreadsheet because there are just so many, with what key it is, I give it a number, is it melodic or is it upbeat... And it's a working project in progress, it takes some time.

I think there is a simplicity in a straight line between A and B and getting there with emotion. If you saw my iPhone it's got ideas for the next studio session I'll do, already in progress.

K: What influences have brought you to where you are now?

Ed: I mentioned that, thanks to my parents, I am standing on the shoulders of many, not only my parents, the piano teachers, Genevieve Gardner, Harriet Tucker, Irving Parsons, Janice Chandler, who were in my childhood, who helped me, who have lifted me up, and people that have supported me along the way. I've had a wonderful team for Abbey Road, beyond a dream.

This isn't a solo effort, this is a team effort, and every one of them is very important to me.

I have been influenced by them, I've been influenced by Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Earl Garner, George Shearing. I have been taught by some of the great people in LA in the music school out there, artists like Jim Brickman, Danny Rite, Yiruma is a wonderful Korean musician...

I want to stress again how important music is in my life and in others, if it weren't for my sister being wild about the Beatles and taking piano lessons. If it weren't for my parents dragging me, kicking and screaming, to piano lessons, the worst thing ever that happened to me, as a kid on the street playing football, was my mom yelling out the door, "Eddy! Time to practice piano!" and I was like (cringing and hiding face behind hands) There went my street credibility!

It's been such a gift. If you are a parent, and happen to have a child that you can introduce to music, it truly can be the best gift of their life. Look at me, I never thought that in my life I would be recording piano fearlessly and effortlessly at Abbey Road Studio 2, and I have, thanks to my parents, the best gift they have ever given me.

I look at music like ice cream, there are so many different flavors, it depends on what you like. I know my music isn't for everyone, but if it just touches one or two people, I am on the right track. I am thrilled to be able to do this right now!

K: What are your next big dreams and goals? Who would I like to collaborate with?

Ed: Wow! Everyone!

If I really have to think about this, I would love to do a duet with cellist Yo Yo Ma. I think the beauty of a cello , counterpoint with the acoustic warmth of a grand piano. That would be a dream come true.

I would love to play a healing concert for the world in St. Mark's Square, in Venice, Italy. That keeps coming to me, I don't know what it means, but maybe it is with Yo Yo Ma, and it is because the world is crazy at times.

And then lastly, in my own world, I would love for one of my pieces to be a theme song in a major motion picture. If the day comes that that happens, and I go to a movie theater, and hear my song on the big screen.

I've had Abbey Road on my vision board, and I have had other things like the tour of France, Kilimanjaro, things like that, that I have accomplished that are really cool. One of my big dreams and goals is to have one of my thoughtful romantic melodic pieces as the theme to a major motion picture. I am looking forward to that day, and sitting in that movie theater chair, with some popcorn and just saying, "I'm the Luckiest Guy in the World! Thank You!"

I mentioned that Abbey Road has been on my Vision Board, so many things, like Mt. Kilimanjaro, which I accomplished, Tour de France, cycling vacations, the house I bought, the kitchen.

K: Hold it right there, Ed... Vision Board? What is a Vision Board?

Ed: I found out about putting these pictures on a board and looking at them daily, it helps me to manifest and go forward. I really believe it helps, I laminate them and put them in my shower so that I can see them every morning, and it has worked! I have not gotten everything, but I have gotten major things out of this and it's a driving force for me.

I am the strange one at Kinko’s, they look at me when I send them the file, I create it in PhotoShop, and then I send it to Kinko’s and have them laminate it. I go to pick it up and they are looking at me like (strange face) "This is yours?"

This is an older version of my vision board that you can see, (points to images on a laminated collage) here's the CD, there is Abbey Road, right there, Mt. Kilimanjaro is already done, there's the healing concert in St. Mark's Square, I want to be the best dad in the world to my daughter, and there is my project of creating a Theme Song to a Major Motion Picture.

I am a firm believer in Vision Boards.

K: Do you have any other special partnerships?

Ed: I do have a dog, her name is Honey, two years old. I got her when she was a puppy, and this poor dog has listened to more piano music than anyone in the world. She is just a beautiful golden retriever, there is a picture I have of her standing on the piano keys as a puppy. Now she is two years old and Honey knows, she lays down by my side on the floor, and has listened to every single note that I have played. Honey seems to enjoy it and be calmed by it.

She has been a great partner, I'll take her on walks and we will listen to rough tracks for song ideas as we go. It's a working relationship, she has just been great, I love her to death, what a great comfort she is, she's right down there, sleeping right now.

Ed's newest album, The London Sessions, Reflections from Studio 2, will be available starting on October 7, 2022, as are his other two albums, Homecoming and Bella Piano:

Erika Olson\'s \ Erika Olson is the singer/songwriter based in East Sussex who combines vulnerable vocals, contemporary storytelling, and musical influences spanning indie, folk, country, blues, Americana and pop. When pressed to describe her music, Erika likes to call it “folk with a beat.” Lyrically, her life as a mother is her biggest source of inspiration.

On the verge of self-releasing her debut album, 'This is How I Pray,' it has taken Erika several iterations of herself to get here. She’s learned that change is her constant and her power is her ability to start again.

She just released her new indie pop single "Hungry Little Bird," an upbeat and highly melodic song with a deeper and darker meaning. It was written to honor her partner's struggle and triumph over anorexia. "This song has evolved since its inception and now feels like an aching love letter striving to remind anyone feeling alone or adrift that they are loved and that they belong in this world," shares Erika.

The melody is gripping in "Hungry Little Bird," you'll find that your singing the song at all hours. The beat gets you dancing in your seat. Her voice is absolutely stunning, almost like a Diana Krall meets Ingrid Michaelson. It's sure to knock you off your axis and having you put this on repeat.

Listen here:

Follow Erika Olson:
George Collins\' Debut EP Showcases His Artistic Talents George Collins, a former professional musician, steps forward with his debut EP, 'It's Been a Long Time,' a 5-song collection of narrative storytelling and catchy pop rock hooks.

“I don’t want to go to my grave with my stories and songs still inside me,” he says. “I can always make more money, but I can never make more time.”

His sound is a beautiful blend of influences like The Beatles, Tom Petty, and Wilco. There's even a hint of the Dave Matthews band within some of his songs. His songs feature instantly hummable melodies; subtle but smart counterpoint; clever chord sequences; ace musicianship; and vocals that ooze soulful rock n’ roll longing.

As a lyricist, Collins is a poet, a sage, a storyteller, and an empath. He covers the full-spectrum of emotions and the human experience, and he writes with cinematic detail, visceral vulnerability, and clever turns of phrase. Most of the songs on 'It's Been a Long Time' are about love in some way. The title song, the bluesy lament "It's Been a Long Time," and the modern pop rock "Next Time," are songs about lost love. The pop rock anthem "Down Easy" is a tale of a stolen moment of ill-fated barroom passion and "Easy To Fall" is about the ease of falling in love and the difficulty to losing it.

The game-changing song is "Toward the Light," a jazzy song that George originally wrote in his college days a long time ago. It showcases a very evolved outlook. George realized that with this youthful song he had not only reached deep into his soul but also charted the course for the rest of his life – the lyrics he had penned as a student finally made sense to him in late middle-age.

Listen to 'It's Been a Long Time':

Fernandito Rentas presenta nuevo corte musical \ Fernandito Rentas acaba de lanzar al mercado su reciente número musical que lleva por nombre "Tacos de Seis". Una canción con excelentes arreglos musicales que traen consigo un ritmo pegajoso, para el deleite de todo el público salsero.

"Tacos de Seis" es un homenaje al fallecido Compositor, Músico, Compatriota y Hermano-N-Armas Puertorriqueño Ángel Junior Santos (USA-Ret.-RIP), quien a lo largo de su carrera compuso canciones para diversas agrupaciones, entre ellas: "Don Perignon & La Puertorriqueña", "Pete Perignon", "Orquesta El Cimarrón", entre otros.

Por otro lado, los arreglos musicales y la producción del videoclip fueron realizados por el Maestro Robert Requena y su equipo de producción en Medellín, Colombia. Además, dicho tema fue dedicado con mucho cariño por parte de Ángel Santos a la Sucursal del Cielo, Cali-Colombia y su bella gente.

Fernandito Rentas sigue dando de qué hablar con su buena música y en la actualidad ha logrado captar la atención del público en el mercado latinoamericano.

"Tacos de Seis" ya se encuentra disponible en todas las plataformas digitales y el videoclip se puede apreciar a través del siguiente enlace:
There\'s an elephant in the YouTube! Ancient Future Times
Sept. 2022 Issue
Ancient Future Times: The Elephant in the YouTube

View Online With Video and Photos:

Elephant Appreciation Day Premier
•L.E.T.S. Watch on YouTube 9/22/22

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Lenni Revel\'s \ Lenni Revel is the Sonoma County, California-based artist gearing up for the release of her deeply cathartic EP, 'Unbroken.' The EP not only represents a rebirth and reclamation for Lenni from the clutches of mental health struggles, drugs, and the grinding machinery of the music business, but also a love story between Lenni and her husband, Robert Revel, an entrepreneur, and published author who wrote and co-wrote much of the album.

She just released the 3rd single from the EP, "Till Only Love Remains." This sultry and dramatic piano ballad was written by Robert when he was living alone in an off-grid home he built in the Rocky Mountains. The time in his life was marked by deep self-introspection, and "Till Only Love Remains" was born from a "get honest" place.

The song is achingly beautiful, delicately framing Lenni's smoky vocals with sorrowful strings and low-in-the-mix ethereal touches. She sings "Who reveals the savior/When he preaches the lie? / And who confronts the believer / When they’re afraid to die? / Found by the light / In the dead of the night, it’s a dream / Held by the love / That flows from above like a stream / Nothing left till only love remains."

The lyrics reveal the self-delusion we all eventually face, dismissing and denying all that is true within ourselves while clinging desperately to lies. Into this delirium comes a revelatory chorus blasting redemption onto the spiritual landscape until there is “….nothing left, till only love remains.”

Listen here:

Watch here:

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Imagine, if you will, that we are more than we think. More even than the universe itself, because the universe is only one expression of the fundamental, grounding, metahuman source that emanates, nurtures, and transcends us all. This is an idea from Deepak Chopra, who suggests there are secrets and techniques to moving beyond our present limitations. Some might disagree with Chopra. Perhaps he offends many traditionalists, both Eastern and Western, with his blending of common-sense wellness, medical intuition and Ayurvedic therapies.

Waking up, we learn, isn’t just about mindfulness or meditation. By going beyond, we can liberate ourselves from the conditioning and constructs that underlie anxiety, tension, and ego-driven demands. Waking up allows life to make sense as never before. To make this as practical as possible, Chopra rounds out the book with a 31-day guide to becoming Metahuman. Once you wake up, he writes, your life becomes transformed, because pure consciousness—which is the field of all possibilities-- then dawns in your life. Only then does your infinite potential become your personal reality.

Chopra unlocks the secrets to moving beyond our present limitations to access a field of infinite possibilities. It means to move past the limitations constructed by the mind and to enter a new state of awareness in which we have deliberate and concrete access to peak experiences that can transform people’s lives from the inside out.

Sverre Knut Johansen has taken on many fantastic themes and notions with his electronic music, such as interstellar travel, secret extraterrestrial technologies, terrestrial time and natural history, evolution itself, dreaming, and with his newest album, Metahuman, he embraces Enlightenment, Awakening, and the Great Liberation, with music to inspire a new spiritual perspective on our life in the Universe with the infinite potential to remove the limiting belief systems and negativity of our personal reality, all in a musical form that brings light to the world.

Deepak Chopra is an Indian-American author and alternative medicine advocate. He has likened the universe to a "reality sandwich" which has three layers: the "material" world, a "quantum" zone of matter and energy, and a "virtual" zone outside of time and space, which is the domain of God, and from which God can direct the other layers. Chopra has frequently said that "aging is simply learned behavior" that can be slowed or prevented. Some of his ideas have caused various medical and scientific professionals to label his work as pseudoscience. Great changes are preceded by chaos, to move past the limitations constructed by the mind.

To become a Metahuman we must unlock our full potential through meditation and open up our creativity, our insight, our imagination, our compassion, our truth, our love, our empathy, our desire for goodness, beauty and harmony. Chopra studied medicine in India before emigrating in 1970 to the United States, where he completed a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in endocrinology. As a licensed physician, by 1980 he became chief of staff at the New England Memorial Hospital (NEMH). In 1985, he met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and became involved in the Transcendental Meditation movement and eventually resigned from NEMH to pursue a new vision of healing, eventually establishing such enterprises as the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center, the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, the Mind-Body Medical Group, the Chopra Foundation, and the American Association for Ayurvedic Medicine.

Chopra has also been described as America's most prominent spokesman for Ayurveda. Ayurveda therapies include herbal medicines, yoga, massage, laxatives, special diets, meditation, enemas, and medical oils. Historical evidence for Ayurvedic texts, terminology and concepts appears from the middle of the first millennium BCE onwards, the main classical Ayurveda texts begin with accounts of the transmission of medical knowledge from the gods to sages, and then to human physicians.

In Ayurvedic texts, balance is emphasized, suppressing natural urges is considered unhealthy and claimed to lead to illness. Ayurvedic practitioners regard physical existence, mental existence, and personality each as their own unique units, with each element being able to influence the others. The political debate about the place of Ayurveda in contemporary India has continued to the present, Ayurveda is heavily practiced in India and Nepal, where perhaps around 80% of the population report using it.

I am not about to further summarize such a complexity, let us immediately turn to focus on the music. What I hear is a full electronic symphony, often with a space-rock form of higher consciousness guiding the way, in places light and sparkly, and in other places much more complex, deep and rich with textures, pulses and powerful melodic wonder. Sverre Knut Johansen mostly plays Sequential Prophet X and Pro 3, opening a portal to deep inner space, employing other instruments as noted in the track details. On three tracks Ståle Storløkken plays Haken Audio Continiuum. This album was mastered by the legendary Howard Givens at Spotted Peccary Studios NW in Portland, Oregon.

From the void comes form, in the shape of a new friend, who has been traveling for years collecting adventures and stories, and at last has arrived. From the form comes motion and dance, “METAHUMAN” (3:37) establishes the groove, a sense of wonderment is invoked, hypnotized by the brilliance of that pulsing core of light, swirling bright gas around the starlike, throbbing core. Storløkken plays Haken Audio Continuum on this track, reflecting the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty.

Darker themes emerge on the second track, building into a separate solid form, the power of energy, with cogent strings stretched under a brazen sky, beneath a stupendous Sun. There is a mild rumbling and tumbling off in deep space, some spooky distant synthesizers echoing and swirling in blackness. This is the prodigal otherworldly rover, feeling the kinetic power of the pulse, molding the universe’s chaos, arrayed with the intoxicating colors of coursing energy. This is the longest track, it builds to a powerful beat, the strings take over, and ultimately fades into mist in the end. Do we live in a mind-made fiction? The best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety. “HUMAN (Path Of Destruction)” (10:34), the word destruction is probably more of a daredevil prophesy than a description of the sound. The musical feeling is positive and provides a strong uplifting groove, surely destruction would not have such honest beauty. This concept is different, perhaps the myth of the human as a machine is harmful. To free yourself, Chopra suggests that you open your mind, soul, and body, always to find that consciousness is the sole creator of self, mind, brain, body and the universe. Dig it.

Storløkken plays Haken Audio Continuum on the third track, “Unity Of Existence Through Evolution” (8:48), which is contemplative and gentle, the space rock beat operates within a slow inquisitive mood with changing elements. Lift up your eyes to the sky, on towards unknown worlds of distant stars beyond the wide, uncharted reaches of deep space, into the vastness of space-time, with its myriad stars and planets, the ceaseless drama of life. We are the authors of space-time, we must embrace our true role. The story never begins or ends – it merely ‘becomes,’ and you already possess this ultimate potential. Maybe.

The strength builds and broadens into a wide atmospheric dancing ground, a form that brings light to the world, wide circles, graceful glides, a solid neo-rock beat sustains, the pulse is strong, and rising. You might want to find your sturdy cosmic dancing shoes, much territory is spanned and then floats upwards, to fade into a pleasant extended psychedelic darkness. “Immortal” (5:44) allows life to make sense as never before, life becomes transformed as you explore the infinite potential, the miracle of our very existence. Chopra claims that one may attain "perfect health," free from disease and never age or die. He suggests that human aging is fluid and changeable, it can speed up, slow down, stop for a time, and even reverse itself, yielding indestructible new dimensions of stress-free living and joyful living, positioning building blocks taking you stepping on a journey through this current Fairy Tale we call life, babe.

Sweet slow rising layers build into a powerful pulse with sparkles, then glides upwards, into “META (The Light Inside You)” (6:24). This touches on the forever spirit once again, consistent and nourishing as it wings upwards, repeating circles of light, perhaps an m'bira-core orbit, you might move past the limitation constructed by the mind to encounter a faint-glowing mass of vapor with a brighter core. Along with his collection of synths, electronic percussion, electric guitars, and sound design software, weaving melody, rhythm, and texture into a captivating musical tapestry that constantly evolves, revealing secret treasures from a distant place and bringing light to the world, Johansen plays the Haken ContinuuMini on this track. There is a hidden meaning behind all events, and this hidden meaning, an ancient philosophy Chopra calls The Direct Path, is hopefully serving your own evolution.

Now we are all dancing slowly. “METAHUMAN (Extended)” (9:51) expands the theme, allowing for a new message, explanation, and exploration. Only by going beyond everyday life can we change what it means to be human today. The destination is probably a little bit different because there is more time to establish the image or formation.

The universe has deep resources, a finger of light into the sky, amid wisps of smoke, clouds of silver, places of secrets, elegant and with wisdom hidden in it. There might be a science of dreaming, consciousness is much more than pure abstract reason, crossing the ancient chasm, cautiously emerging into percussive motion and pulse, a dance into the fullness of time and what lies hidden. Journey through echoes to find the sense of awe that astronomers might experience when observing outer space through telescopes, a mind-expanding view into our inner space. In fact it’s thousands of years old; and Storløkken plays the Haken Audio Continuum.

“Fluctuations Of Awareness” (7:55) is slow and thick in places, with textures and surprises that drift and fade in an atmosphere of gradual metamorphosis, I might somehow sense alternate bands of red, blue, yellow, and white strata, a fraction of light, not the violet glimmer which had illuminated the underground ways, but a ghostly radiance. Logistical obstacles are opportunities in disguise. Such openings allow for rhythm and pulses to lead the way up into the vast beyondscape. When you make a choice, you change the future. Sometimes I feel almost like I am looking into a star, looking into the glowing, pulsing core, seeing spatial starlight unfiltered by any atmosphere; and Johansen plays the Haken ContinuuMini on this track.

As we ponder a mind-expanding view into our inner sonic light show, we might veer into a tunnel, the corner turning into a night sky that goes forever, “Miracle Of Existence” (7:34) creates a new paradigm of health for humanity, essential positivity. Gradual deepening and layering, sustaining a slow exploration that is darker in places, always keeping a consistent pulse and life force, this is an inward spin. Imagine wind that sounds a bit like fields of dry whistles and synthesizers, developing into a beat that could be like a heartbeat, and it just keeps going and changing, sometimes a prisoner of the past, otherwise a pioneer of the future, our non-physical experience is a paradoxical journey beyond the physical and the deeply hidden.

On the final track, the always amazing David Helpling activates his electric guitar, synthesizers, and piano, while Johansen plays Steinberger bass guitar in addition to his basic studio wizardly contributions. “Infinity Being” (6:13) brings a haunting melodic atmosphere, full of subtle vistas, a cycling melody that returns to our dream castle. This is where the limitless lingers. The vastness of space-time sings, with its myriad stars and planets moving beyond our present limitations of the mind to access a field of infinite possibilities. We are more than we think.

Sverre Knut Johansen (pronounced Svá-da Ka-núte Yo-hán-sen) hails from Mo i Rana, a lesser-known town in the northern-central Helgeland region of Norway, just below the arctic circle. He has composed electronic works since the early 1990s, developing a strong signature style through the use of melody and forms often thought of as classically-influenced, electronic symphonic compositions. He has previously released material on Origo Sound and his own Origin Music, and has collaborated with artists including Erik Wøllo, David Helpling, and Robert Rich.

This is Johansen’s sixth release on the Spotted Peccary Music Label. His earlier releases are DREAMS BEYOND (SPM-3005), PRECAMBRIAN (SPM-3004), THE VAST EXPANSE (SPM-3003), SECRET SPACE PROGRAM (SPM-3002), and EARTH FROM ABOVE (SPM-3001)

METAHUMAN was mastered by Howard Givens at Spotted Peccary Studios NW. It is available as a physical CD artfully designed by Spotted Peccary’s creative guru, Daniel Pipitone, as well as in digital download format (MP3 (320KBPS), 16-bit CD quality, or 24-bit studio master), and across all streaming platforms. Buy/Stream METAHUMAN: or

Producer, Songwriter, and DJ Kris \ Kris "Halo" Pierce is the genre defying electronic music producer, songwriter, and DJ based out of New York City. He's reached soaring heights in his musical career of over 20 years, including placements with Interscope Records, Viacom Media Networks, Sony Creative, What’s In-Store Music, Cleopatra Records, and Conzoom Records; among others, as a producer.

He recently released his second solo album called 'Artificial Breed,' an avante pop, electronic, and synth collection of 11 songs. The name of the album speaks to the melding of synthetic with organic musicality before even listening, giving you an expectation of mostly electronic sounds.

'Artificial Breed' is a collaboration between Kris and ex-Front Line Assembly drummer Jason Bazinet. As the story goes, Jason heard “Midnight Dive” and was moved to email Kris, offering seedling music ideas for a future project. Kris sifted through 300 of Jason’s demos, and cherry-picked 10 tracks. He fleshed out these core ideas with orchestration and lush production, and they now live on Artificial Breed.

Listen to 'Artificial Breed' here:

Connect with Kris "Halo" Pierce
El cantante dominicano Givenchy Falette lanza su primer sencillo Santo Domingo, RD (15 de septiembre del 2022). - El cantante dominicano Givenchy Falette acaba de lanzar al mercado su primer sencillo que lleva por nombre "Se Podría Decir" . Una composición del maestro José Favela y fue publicada por DoPaNo Productions LLC cuyo líder es el percusionista francés Dominique Patrick Marte.

"Se Podría Decir" es una propuesta romántica y fue arreglada por Enmanuel Cerebro Romero desde Venezuela y grabado entre los estudios de EMHome Studios (Burke, Virginia) y DaleCerebro Studios (Caracas, Venezuela).

Por otro lado, Pedro Pablo Falette, mejor conocido como Givenchy Falette es un cantante y actor dominicano oriundo de Rio San Juan en República Dominicana. A los 24 años de edad llega a los Estados Unidos en donde se codeó con excelentes músicos quienes con el pasar de los años lo motivaron para formar parte de varias agrupaciones.

Hoy en día presenta su primer trabajo musical como artista solista, y ya se encuentra disponible en todas las plataformas digitales. Podrá visualizar la canción a través del siguiente enlace:
\'Urgence de Vous, du Gabon à la Russie\' au Portail le 6/10/2022, Villejuif Deux artistes venus d’ailleurs : Jann Halexander natif du Gabon, Veronika Bulycheva, native de Russie. Ils se retrouvent sur scène. Les deux sont musiciens auteurs compositeurs et interprètes, chacun a son parcours original : ils présentent et mélangent leurs univers personnels à travers leurs chansons et des dialogues poignants, où la tolérance, l'humanisme, la paix, la fraternité ne sont pas des vains mots. L'humour et la tendresse ne sont jamais loin. On se retrouve en face de polémiques actuelles autours des clichés et des préjugés liés à leurs pays d’origine : être biculturel est une fragilité et force à la fois. 'Urgence de Vous, du Gabon à la Russie' a été présenté depuis 2019 à Paris, Nantes, Clamart, Triel-sur-Seine, Guéméné-Penfao, Bruxelles...

'Urgence de Vous, du Gabon à la Russie'
avec Veronika Bulycheva et Jann Halexander

(Théâtre musical)

Urgence de Vous, du Gabon à la Russie

77 Avenue de Paris
94800 Villejuif
Métro Léo Lagrange ligne 7
Bar sur place
Ouverture des portes à 19h45

réservation au

'Jeudi dernier la première, au "Nez Rouge" à Paris, du nouveau spectacle de Jann Halexander avec Veronika Bulycheva "Urgence de vous (du Gabon à la Russie)" avait la saveur des mets inconnus, goûteux et troublants. Ça ne ressemble à rien de connu (et c'est aussi ça qui me plaît), ça s'éloigne complètement des clichés de notre époque (qui en est farcie). Comme son nom l'indique, ce concert est un voyage en humanité qui nous emmène ailleurs, guidés par ce duo décalé qui possède le talent rare de la musicalité. A quand d'autres représentations ? Il y a...urgence.'

Frédéric Pagès, chanteur
MYSTER EZIN en concert à Aix-en-Provence le 15 octobre 2022 #musiquesurbaines MYSTER EZIN en concert à Aix-en-Provence le 15 octobre 2022

Actuellement doctorant en Musicologie à Aix-Marseille Université, spécialiste des musiques populaires et contemporaines, Myster Ezin a franchi le pas en devenant artiste. Originaire du Bénin, l'artiste proposera son premier album le 23 septembre 2022 intitulé EspoirS. Deux extraits de cet album ont été mis en ligne en juin et juillet : la reprise de 'Caroline' de MC Solaar et 'Ma Lumière', titre solaire et dansant. L'album se veut un mélange de slam, de musiques urbaines, dont le fil conducteur est la femme, dans sa pluralité et sa complexité.

Myster Ezin fêtera la sortie de EspoirS au Direction Jeunesse- le Repère le 15 octobre à 18h, à Aix-en-Provence.

MYSTER EZIN en concert
Direction Jeunesse- le Repère
15 octobre 2022
37 Boulevard Aristide Briand
13100 Aix-en-Provence

The Gold Plan service allows you to publish and introduce your musics for 3 years under UMG, your musics will be included in international rankings including Billboard, you will have advertisements and broadcast on radio and television, and sponsors will pay pay for the production and distribution of your future projects, and thousands of other special possibilities will be available to you.
Izis La Enfermera de la Salsa estrena nuevo álbum \ La cantante Isis Rosario, mejor conocida como Izis "La enfermera de la Salsa" lanza al mercado su nuevo trabajo discográfico titulado "La Enfermera Llegó". Un álbum interesante y cargado de buena energía en donde muestra su versatilidad musical.

"La Enfermera Llegó" contó con la participación de excelentes músicos, productores y arreglistas de la talla de Chino Núñez, Tito Ortega, Eric Maldonado, Erik Piza, Georgie Padilla, Luisito García, Richie Vega, entre otros.

Dicho fonograma está conformado por siete (7) temas: "All Around The World" popularizado por la cantante Lisa Stanfield, "Amor Gitano" versión Salsa del famoso bolero interpretado por la cantante cubana La Lupe en los años 60, "Any Time Any Place" un gran éxito de la famosa cantante y compositora Janet Jackson, "Te Felicito" el cual fue una canción muy popular en los años 90 y ha sido grabada por varias agrupaciones y artistas latinos como Grupo Mojado y Laura Flores.

Además incluye un éxito de Alicia Keys titulado "Fallin" versión Bachata y temas inéditos como "Buscando" cuya composición es de Izis La Enfermera de la Salsa y "La Enfermera Llegó" del compositor Miguel A. Barrios.

Con esta propuesta musical, busca expandir su música a otros mercados que están atraídos por la música latina en Estados Unidos, Latinoamérica y Europa.

En efecto, "La Enfermera Llegó" ya se encuentra disponible en todas las plataformas digitales. El videoclip se puede apreciar a través del siguiente enlace:
\ Americana singer-songwriter Vince Vanguard has always loved music, in fact, his given name is Eric Plein, named after Eric Clapton. His father took him to his first blues concert for BB King. “Blues music’s idea of the struggle of the spirit, and letting those feelings out always resonated with me,” he says.

He has always wanted to release his own solo album, but never focused on himself and focused on others music as he owned his own recording studio and production company. Only after his career took a hit due to his overindulgence did he finally take the leap and create his own record, 'Spirit Blues,' to be released later this year.

He just released his 3rd single from 'Spirit Blues' called "Broken Bones." It's an anthem-like roots rock and blues rock song that has a Jackson Browne familiarity in both his voice and sound. The song grapples with the feeling of hopelessness in himself and society as a whole, while also acknowledging resilience. He sings with purpose in lyrics like "Left to die on the side of the road/Nothing left to show/But these broken bones and busted soles/I didn’t see you coming/I didn’t hear you calling/And I fade."

"Broken Bones" features an all-star cast of Colorado based musicians, including Adam Deitch (Lettuce, Break Science, John Scofield), Garret Sayers (The Motet), Marcus Rezak (Shred Is Dead, Digital Tape Machine) and Bill McKay (formerly of Leftover Salmon, Derek Trucks Band).

Listen here:
Ámaris Releases \ Ámaris Wen, artistically known simply as Ámaris, is the London-based recording artist, music producer, actor, and songwriter. Her most recent single “Been Doing This” is a definite ear worm and when asked about her song, Amaris says, “The message of the track is ‘We’ve been doing this for too long’ and is about moving on, and that sometimes you have to let things go and try something new.” “Been Doing This” is her most recent release about not giving up, even if you want to.

Writing under the name A. W. Emersleben, she released her album “Dream World” in 2020, the title track becoming her most successful release to date receiving 100k streams on Spotify alone.

Ámaris received her formal training at drama school in Zurich, with Isabel Kempinski in Voice, and later at the Stage & Musical School in Frankfurt, Germany, where she started to listen to electronic music for her dance studies, which made her discover the genre for herself. Being new to subjects such as Ballet, Jazz Dance, and Modern Dance, Ámaris needed to train in the evenings in her free time to achieve the levels of the other students. She found that her new-found passion for electronic music helped and then started the dance floor project “Geiko– female electronic dance music”

After returning from Germany to Zurich to complete a degree in Business Law, she was able to work as a playlist manager for Sony Music. She later moved to London where she started working on her first more R&B and synthpop-influenced album “Neon Colours”, which was well-received by critics.

As one of few female music producers, Ámaris’ skills in combining genres such as electronica, R&B, and pop have defined her music as being genre-defying. She is very vocal on the protection of the oceans and is an ambassador for the non-profit organization Big Blue Ocean Clean-up, which works on reducing plastic waste in the oceans. Her fantasy story “Lagoona: A Journey through the Reef,” published in 2022, raises awareness for the disappearing coral reefs and ocean pollution.

As an actress, she will appear in a production of the play “Last of the Red Hot Lovers” this year, in which she will play the character of “Elaine”.

Ámaris is currently working on a music documentary ‘On Tape’, in which female and non-binary music producers will answer questions about their work. 10 questions, 10 music producers, no wrong answers! The short form documentary is a collaboration with L.A.-based Maria Corso of female- owned production company Two Foot Five Productions.

Listen to "Been Doing This":
Slim Sly Slender\'s \ With experience as a career visual artist, singer-songwriter Slim Sly Slender sets himself apart from the rest! During a jam session in a warehouse, Slim had his musical awakening 10 years ago. It was that moment when the Baltimore, Maryland-based artist decided to take a giant leap into a new career. Now, Slim Sly Slender is gearing up to release his sixth album in eight years called Pay to Play. In the tracks on his new album, Slim explores the genres of his influences while adding his own flair to create a cohesive aesthetic. Listeners will hear just that with his three singles released from Pay to Play, titled “War Paint,” “The One That Didn’t Walk Away," and his most recent release “Black Charger.”

“Black Charger” was inspired by Slim’s commute to Washington, DC. “Having lived in the Baltimore/Washington area for many years this is something that I have learned to avoid if possible. It’s pretty crowded at the best of times and kind of a madhouse of the driving world at others” Slim explains. “I try to stay relaxed and on point in this driving environment and started to notice that when traffic got chaotic there was often an aggressive driver in a Black Dodge Charger involved.”

“Black Charger” mixes roots rock with indie pop and hip-hop, like a Beastie Boys meets John Lennon meets Steve Earle. The saxophone riffs in the track are bound to get stuck in any listener's ear. The verses break down to soft drums, rhythmic acoustic guitar, and a bouncing bass line to let Slim’s lyrics stand out. The organ pays homage to 60’s-70’s rock/roots rock music. “Black Charger” has a jam band vibe, that will have you making the “stank face” when listening. Listen to “Black Charger” on all music streaming platforms, and make sure to follow Slim on all socials to not miss any updates!

Listen here:
“Ahora Me Toca A Mi” lo nuevo de Edwin El Calvito Reyes & Joe López Santo Domingo, R.D. (10 de agosto del 2022). - En los pasados años, hemos tenido la dicha de conocer a varios artistas quienes continúan su recorrido, sin miedo al qué dirán, trayéndonos temas que de inmediato se convierten en nuestros favoritos; por eso mismo, por su diferencia. También se dice, que cada artista, debe atreverse a triunfar, con versatilidad, apostando a su visión y si es posible, colaborar para con un fin común; llevar alegría a un público exigente quien pide Salsa Nueva, sin olvidar sus raíces.

Este es precisamente uno de esos casos, pues Edwin “El Calvito” Reyes, en esta ocasión, une fuerzas con el Ex-Vocalista de la Corporación Latina de Puerto Rico, Joe López, para con un tema atrevido, que nos lleva a esos tiempos que el salsero tanto atesora, presentando su nuevo tema llamado “AHORA ME TOCA A MI”.

Joe, quién desde Julio del 2020, comenzó su tercera producción musical “Son Del Caserío” es uno de los Salseros que mantiene su visión y entrega musical, pensando en el bailador salsero. Un salsero “con calle” quien no olvida sus raíces y compositor por excelencia, junto a la ya acostumbrada disciplina salsera de “El Calvito” Reyes, hace de este tema “AHORA ME TOCA A MI”, uno de esos temas, que calará en los corazones del salsero internacional.

“AHORA ME TOCA A MI” nos promete puro baile, rumba, saoco. Contiene solos de conga, timbal, y una gran integración de uno de los temas (clásicos) más emblemáticos de todos los tiempos. Es simplemente un arreglo magistral.

Dicho sencillo es letra de su hermano José López López y Arreglo de una de las Leyendas de nuestra salsa, Don Tommy Villariny (EPD).

Grabado en los Estudios de Harmony Recording Studios en Orlando, FL bajo la tutela del reconocido pianista, productor e ingeniero, Victor Romero, AHORA ME TOCA A MI, también trae una gran gama de músicos colombianos y puertorriqueños, residentes de la ciudad.

Globalmente, Colegas y Maestros del medio, han catalogado a nuestro “Calvito” Reyes, como, “Una de las Caras Nuevas de la Salsa”, con alta proyección mundial, debido a su creatividad, constancia, y perseverancia en el ojo internacional. Todo un artista dentro y fuera de los escenarios, quien día a día, da ejemplo, de lo que es liderazgo, y profesionalismo en su máximo sentir. A Joe López, se le considera como de los cantantes de hoy, con “Más Calle” y saoco en tiempos recientes. Una alta mezcla del sonido de ayer, con el de hoy.

“Ahora Me Toca A Mi” se puede apreciar a través de:
The Hills Listening to Kate Bush Running Up That Hill and her huge Chart Success again so many years later only inspires you to keep progressing what you do. The last couple of years have been tough. Family is everything. The trials of looking after a loved one through a debilitating illness overshadows everything else. Strangely the tough times inspire the creation of new lyrics which eventually become great songs. I have always been the eternal optimist and following The Wedding of my beloved Eldest Daughter in Ibiza and a find my self again break in my beloved Wicklow Hills I am going once more back to the art that never leaves me and always draws me back.
I hope everyone enjoys the new music I am releasing now and next month. Life needs more smiling faces.
Apero-concert Zen à la médiathèque de Plouharnel : Ujjaya Ujjaya, est un poly-instrumentiste français d'origine malgache .Infatigable explorateur des sons et des cultures, il nous convie à un voyage autant sonore que spirituel . Il fait se rencontrer les instruments exotiques les plus anciens avec les technologies les plus modernes au service d'une musique atmosphérique et visionnaire .Néanmoins cet apero-concert sera entièrement acoustique à base de gongs et bols qui inviterons le public à la méditation . D'autres instruments à connotations plus chamaniques (rhombe, dan moi, daf ...etc...) introduirons une touche plus rythmique . Le concert sera suivi d'une brève présentation des instruments, des croyances et des rituels qui les entourent.